My Experience with OYO Rooms : India's Largest Network of Budget Hotels

Being a traveler, I do have problems finding decent hotels, which fit my budget, when traveling to a new place. The hotels which I used to find, either charged high or lacked in amenities. According to me, the money spent on accommodation when travelling is roughly 2/3 of the total money spent on the trip, so this means if we find a solution for accommodation, we could save a lot of money. 


IndiBlogger teamed up with OYO Rooms and chose 30 Bloggers from across the country and invited them to experience OYO for themselves. Luckily I was among the Top 30 bloggers and got an opportunity to stay a night in a hotel room managed by OYO. The purpose of this campaign was to promote the brand & let bloggers experience the hospitality and provide their honest opinion on it. To experience OYO rooms, we were given a Night's stay at Hotel Atlantic (OYO Rooms) in Juhu, Mumbai. I was among the 10 bloggers chosen from Mumbai for this activity, we were given all the details about the activity & the reporting time.

OYO Rooms : A Short Review 

We reached the Hotel Atlantic, bang on time. Hotel Atlantic was a hotel under OYO network. The Hotel was a 5 minute walk away from the Iconic Juhu Beach, next to the Hotel was the bungalow of film industry legend Kishore Kumar. On reaching the Hotel, we were welcomed by the staff & Nijish (OYO coordinator for the event) and after that we checked in and were allotted a room each. We were told to settle in the rooms & freshen up, on entering the room, I was really surprised, the rooms were spacious, had a great view (at least the view was great from my window), the lighting was nice and in all, the room was very decent. Below is a list of amenities it had;

  • A Double-Bed with Clean & Soft linen
  • LCD Television with Set top box
  • A mini-refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner 
  • A Coffee Table with Two Chairs
  • A Desk with additional Chair
  • A Water Boiler, Empty glasses
  • A Dressing Mirror with Additional light
  • Wardrobe with an electronic safe
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A Pouch containing Shampoo, Soap, Lotion, Body wash etc.

In short, the rooms were pretty decent, the ambiance was nice, if not great , the bathroom was clean & decent, but it was a bit small and did not have hot water arrangements, other than that, the rooms were nice, especially for people who are on very tight budget.

What I liked about OYO Rooms?

My first reaction on entering the room was 'Wow' - The room was very decent, not very luxurious or something I've never seen before, all I can say is decent. The rooms were spacious and well decorated, it had a double-bed which was well made with clean linen and pillows. The Wi-Fi was pretty stable with decent browsing speed and strong connection. The view was okayish, nothing special, but at least the view from my room was better than other rooms. The lighting of the room was nice and everything else was pretty good, keeping the price point in mind. Not to forget, the room service did a great job, even at late night hours.

Things which I didn't like during my stay?

The rooms were nice, but there were some things which I didn't like. There were no hot water arrangements in the bathroom and even the lighting of the bathroom was poor. The Air conditioner in my room took a long time to cool down the temperature, there was no remote control for AC in my room. Lastly, I had to go through a lot of trouble connecting to the Wi-fi at first, called reception several times to retrieve password. That's pretty much it, other than this, my stay at OYO rooms was very comfortable.

OYOxplorer Blogger Activity

So apart from the nights stay in OYO rooms, we also participated in Blogger activity, known as OYOxplorer, for which we were given some tasks, and we were told to complete those tasks while we go out exploring Mumbai. We basically had to take a selfie after or while performing the task, then tweet it with hash tag #OYOxplorer - The person who completes all the tasks and tweets it first before the deadline time, which was 7 PM in the evening, will win the activity. 
List of Tasks for #OYOxplorer activity
We started the activity late, at around 5 PM, so we had 2 hours to complete all the tasks. To make this activity more memorable, we made a group of five bloggers and went exploring together. My group had Me, Dharmesh Khatri, Sanjay Thampy, Awinish Trivedi & Ekta Khetan. Straight away we headed to Juhu Beach and started performing the given tasks. Below are the tweets and tasks, we performed that day.

Since we started late, we rushed a bit and tried to complete as many tasks possible before 7 PM. Fortunately, we managed to complete almost all of them before the deadline, selfies clicked, tweets sent. It was time to head back to the Hotel, where we completed our final task 'Retiring Selfie on the bed'

It was a tiring day, but the experience was amazing, I had a lot of fun, made new friends and had a great time with them. We had dinner and straight away went to bed. 

Why You should choose OYO?

OYO Rooms are India's largest network of budget hotels, they provide decent rooms with all basic amenities, complimentary breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Air conditioner, etc. at low price, with rooms starting from Rs.999 per night stay. The Rooms are clean and tidy with spotless linen and pillows. The rooms are perfect for people who are on a tight budget or those who want a quick night halt and don't want to spend much. You should opt for OYO rooms, if you are a frequent flier and had to visit different cities for business or other purposes, if you are on vacation and don't want to spend a lot of money on hotels, if you are travelling alone and your stay is short, OYO rooms are best option for you.

You can easily book a room for yourself by visiting their website or by downloading their mobile app.


Honestly saying, I had a great stay at OYO rooms, the hospitality was good, the rooms were decent and every other thing was nice. I would definitely recommend OYO rooms because no matter the down points, OYO rooms is still good at this price point, as compared to other hotels. So go ahead, book a room now!
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