BJ Replicas

Guys these are some Awesome replicas of Billie joe Armstrong's guitar 'Blue'. People send me a lot of pictures of their replicas from around the planet and I decided to post some of the coolest replicas here. Thanks for support guys.

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Wanna make your own Replica?
  • Get a Cheap stratocaster guitar from here.
  • Get your Stickers for free from here.
  • Get Hi-Res version of stickers from here.
  • Steps to stick the stickers on guitar Click here
  • FAQ about BJ guitar.

Here are some great Replicas. 
  • Ary Rodriguez from Brasilia, Brazil

  • Thomas Carter from Grays, United Kingdom
2011 Version Replica
  • Hammie Stein  from Tasmania, Australia
1994 Version Replica
  • Alejandro  from Colombia
Custom Style Replica with Mixed Stickers from Blue
  • Jim Luthra from Mumbai, India (Area 51 Author)

2011 Version - Custom Red
  • Aditya Sharma from Jabalpur, Madhy Pradesh (India)
Custom Replica - Les Paul Guitar
  • Robbie Marshallsay
Early 1994 Version
  • Jake Dillon from Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Custom Replica inspired by Green Day

  • Sebastian Ford  from United States
Early 1994 Version

1996 Version Replica

1997 Version Replica
  • Emil Bendek Kasse  from Dominican Republic
Customized 1994 Version
  • RedBulletLive (from youtube)
1994 Version Replica
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