Founded in late 2009. the blog was started with an aim to cover Technology and things surrounding it in an easier & layman terms so that even newbies or non-experts can understand it. The main purpose was to provide high-quality articles on Smartphones, Gadgets, Electronic devices and other consumer electronics. Other topics that we wrote on were Softwares, Mobile Applications, Product Reviews & Overviews. As we progressed, we added some new interesting topics to the blog; some of the new additions were Tech News, Blogging Tips, SEO Guides, How-To Tutorials, and other Tips & Tricks articles. Today the blog has an active reader base and we're continuously trying to improve the quality & to include more & more stuff from the Tech world.

About the Author.

Jimmie Luthra, Chief Editor & Founder

A 26-year old passionate techie & writer, Jimmie Luthra is a Professional Seafarer, serving as a Third Mate in Merchant Navy. He is blogging on Tech since his High school days and since then, he has developed a passion for Tech Writing & Gadget reviewing. His desk is usually cluttered with different gadgets & Rubik cubes, geek stuff. Apart from all this, He is a passionate Guitarist & Musician, who loves to jam in his free time. He is also too much into fitness & never leaves a chance of breaking a sweat every now & then. He is also an amateur Marathoner & an avid reader. 

He recently entered speedcubing and since then is obsessed with Rubik cubes & twisty puzzles. He also competed in World Cubing Association approved Cubing Tournaments in the past two years. He believes in learning new things & preaches it whenever he can. 

Contact him: JimmieLuthra@yahoo.com   |    Twitter @jimmieluthra

The Team

Georgy Luthra, Writer & Asst.Editor

Georgy Luthra is again a techie who manages this blog in the absence of Jimmie. He writes articles & takes overall control when Jimmie is not available. He has written several articles for this blog and will continue to write in the future.

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