Delhivery Serviceable Pincodes India CSV File Download for Shopify

Suppose you are planning to use Delhivery Courier service in India for logistics and for providing Cash on Delivery service on your Shopify store. In that case, it is essential that you upload the Delhivery serviceable pin codes CSV file on your Shopify COD settings so that when your customers place orders on your store, you can ensure that your delivery partner can reach them without any issues. Usually, delivery service providers/logistics companies provide the list of their serviceable pin codes in the resource center section of the dashboard, the file is usually in a CSV format which can be directly uploaded to your Shopify account, but recently I saw a friend struggling to upload the file on his Shopify account due to some errors present in the CSV file provided by Delhivery. So we fixed those errors and made a new file that can be uploaded without any issues. Today we will be sharing that file so that you guys can take advantage of it in case you run into errors.

Delhivery Serviceable Pin Codes CSV File


You can download the CSV file using the link below, Please note that this CSV file is only for Delhivery Logistics services and the pin codes mentioned in it are as per the Delhivery website. We did not make any changes to the contents of the file, we just cleared errors that we faced when uploading it to Shopify.


Uploading Pin Codes CSV on Advanced Cash On Delivery App

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on uploading the above CSV file to Advanced Cash On Delivery app on your Shopify account. 

  • Log in to your Shopify account.
  • Go to Apps > Advanced Cash On Delivery
  • Scroll down to Postal Codes section.
  • Click on Upload CSV
  • Choose the CSV file which you downloaded from the above link.
  • Hit Upload. That's it.

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