Three Smartphone Apps Every Freelancer Should Have

Carry around a smartphone long enough, and you realize, “There’s an app for that.” Yes, there is an avalanche of apps attempting to solve just about every problem imaginable.

That’s how more than 2 million ended up in the App Store as of late 2019.

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While freelancing is easier than ever thanks to modern technology, you don’t have endless hours to find the perfect apps for your business. 

And since using mobile is essential these days, I’m breaking down the 3 best apps that every freelancer needs.

Instead of stealing your time, these 3 will boost your performance and productivity. Because the freelancer game is getting crowded - you need any edge you can find.

Create a “Teux Duex” List That Works For You


How many to-do lists have you used over the years? Did they make you more effective and productive? For most, the answer is, “No.”

Enter Teux Deux. Teux Deux’s goal is to be as “simple as paper,” which is especially helpful when you’re on the go. Except you never misplace your to-do list, like you can with paper!
The app has a simple design that minimizes distractions and displays to-dos for each day of the week.

You can also create buckets of tasks, similar to the GTD (Getting Things Done) method, like “Someday/Maybe” or “Lists,” for example. 

Didn’t finish all your to-dos for the day? Teux Deux automatically transfers unfinished tasks to tomorrow’s list. It also enables you to schedule reoccurring to-dos across multiple days.

Another cool and helpful point: Teux Deux has a blog they continually update to help users get the most out of the app. 

Teux Deux has hundreds of thousands of users across Android (“Tehda for Teux Deux” in Google Play store) and Apple devices.

That’s why it’s one of the best apps for freelancers who want to accomplish high-level tasks to grow their business.

Track Your Time, Invoices & Expenses Like a Boss with Bonsai

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Speaking of growing your business… 

When I first heard of Bonsai, it blew me away. It’s an incredible app for all freelancers. No wonder it’s top-rated in both the iOS app (4.5 stars) and Google Play store (4.3 stars).

Let me explain...

Bonsai is my top app for simplifying your business workflow. Why? It gives you all of these features for only $19 a month:

Quickly creates proposals with precise estimates.

Creates a legit contract using your answers to a few questions.

Manage multiple clients and projects all-in-one place.

Sounds good, right?  But what else can Bonsai do?

Easily track your time to bill accurately and understand your productivity.

Create customized invoices and sends automated payment reminders for you.

Task management capabilities

Automates expense tracking, income reporting, and estimated tax planning

Creates customized questionnaires for clients when starting new projects.

Now I totally get why 200,000 freelancers use it regularly.

Bonsai is the best app for serious freelancers who want to upgrade their business. It provides freelancers with unbelievable tools to simplify their workflow and save time.

Get Your “Grammarly” Correct and Look Like a Pro

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Whether you’re a freelance writer or not, Grammarly is a must for communicating clearly and professionally. 

And communicating clearly (grammatically, style, tone, spelling) is the key to developing client relationships that sustain and expand your business, right?

Now, if you’re a freelance blogger, you definitely need this app. What’s cool is it runs in the background of all your apps. 

And don’t worry, it has auto-correct and “smart predicts” phrases, allowing you to type faster. So wherever you type, Grammarly has your back.

Just think about that crucial email you need to send a client? Do you want to risk miscommunicating and causing a misunderstanding? Make sure you write it using the Grammarly keyboard first.

Whether you get the free version or get the paid one (I recommend this), Grammarly is another must-have app for freelancers.

Stay Focused and Try Out These 3 Smartphone Apps Today

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As we discussed earlier, there’s a mountain of apps to download and try. Just remember you don’t have all the time in the world.

And you certainly don’t want app-testing to get in the way of your freelance business.

I suggest you focus and test-drive these 3 apps - commit to using them for a set amount of time, and see if they work for you. Best of luck! 

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