TikTok tackles Misleading & Fake news with Mat Kar Forward Campaign.

Ever since the YouTube vs TikTok battle, TikTok is making headlines every day for different reasons. Recently TikTok announced the launch of their new campaign, named as #MatKarForward campaign which addresses the spread of inaccurate information and fake news across social media, and urges the users of the platform to be more responsible and careful with the content they create and share on the video platform and other social networks.


Earlier we saw a lot of cases of fake rumors and information online, regarding the COVID-19 disease and this whole pandemic situation. Spread of such inaccurate news & rumors can be extremely harmful in a lot of instances, it can cause panic situation among many, can crumble trust, impact communities and people in different ways. The Mat Kar Forward campaign brings such issues to light and helps in the introspection of our online habits and how forwarding misleading information can cause harm to our society.
Mat Kar Forward Campaign

Through their Public Service Announcement (PSA), TikTok intends to spread awareness regarding the spread of inaccurate news and is trying to educate users on its harmful effects on society, making them more responsible for the type of content they create or share online. TikTok shared the #MatKarForward campaign video, which is directed by Anurag Basu and features some of the most influential and credible celebrities of our country, including Virat Kohli, Ayushmann Khurrana, Sara Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon. The video was shot by the celebrities in their respective homes and then edited by the director, keeping social distancing guidelines in mind.

The featured celebrities have joined hands with TikTok on this Mat Kar Forward campaign to fight the spread of fake news. In the video, the above-mentioned celebrities talk about the ill effects of forwarding inaccurate & fake information, and how it affects so many people who blindly believe it without checking its authenticity or source. With the #MatKarForward campaign, TikTok is trying to raise awareness among the netizens and is urging people to verify the information and to make sure that whether the source is credible before sharing it online with others. 
"Spread of misinformation is an industry-wide concern and a shared responsibility. As a leading short-format video platform where users enjoy the freedom of creative expression, we continue to take proactive steps to prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities. #MatKarForward is part of our ongoing initiatives to raise awareness around the spread of misinformation and to maintain a safe and positive environment for our users.”     - Nikhil Gandhi, India Head, TikTok.
TikTok is on the mission to make its platform more welcoming and safer for its millions of users. They recently made changes to their community guidelines to make them more supportive and welcoming. TikTok also introduced a new category within the app reporting feature, this new category is ‘Misleading Information’ – using which, people can directly report misleading information and fake news. TikTok also encourages its users to participate in the #MatKarForward initiative by creating and sharing videos raising awareness about this issue.


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