How to use Twitter for business and marketing?

Sneaky Tricks to Hoist your Brand Marketing in Twitter


How many dollars do you spend in a year to get some juicy hot leads for your business? Let me guess, it must be more than hundreds of dollars in a year. But how many of your leads turn up into a conversion?

Not even half of those leads right?
Truth is always bitter! 

The money you spend for fetching the leads does not give you the expected visibility rate, your site engagement remains low and your brand popularity is affected ultimately. But think for once what if you get a social platform to promote your business where your one single ‘tweet’ can give you sure shot conversion within a limited time. Yes, you guessed it right. Twitter is one of the most reliable and fast-growing social media platforms nowadays for almost every startup to get hype and brand fame easily.
According to Lindsay Bruce, the Social Media Manager of @TwitterBusiness, “Twitter is the place for every brand to show their personality”.
According to a recent survey, more than 40% of the SME’s quickly rose to fame after choosing Twitter as a platform for brand promotion and today the entrepreneurs of those startups are a big shot indeed! 

If you too are in the same run to hack brand publicity then Twitter is the right destination for brand marketing your business, only if you know how to hoist brand publicity of your startup business in Twitter. 

Some of them are:

Increase brand loyalty and build customer relationship

It's easy to increase brand loyalty of your business on Twitter because there are ample of options to take different photos of your products or services and then tweet it with a smart short selective caption. If the angle of your picture looks attractive and your product/service looks promising, the caption is sufficient to draw curiosity within the others and that’s how people will start following your product.

You never know when any of those followers might show up in your Twitter Message chatbox and might show interest in your product. If your brand promotion strategy in Twitter sounds promising hitting a sales conversion won’t be a big deal for you.

Promote your business with catchy words that’s currently goes with the trend

Twitter is the most suitable platform for promoting your startup business, because of:
  • Zero investment cost 
  • Easy to engage potential viewers 
  • Possibility to convert leads into sales quickly

If your budget is low and you’re looking ahead to popularize your online business, Twitter is the most appropriate destination for promoting your startup. Unlike other social media sites here the word limit is restricted. That’s why before promoting a business, it's pivotal to identify the trending words which are being followed all over on Twitter. If the words you choose go with the trend automatically it will increase your follower list.
With a significant increase in visitors, always you avail of a chance to hit a conversion score on Twitter!

Participate in Twitter chats to increase the list of potential followers 

Participating in Twitter chat is another easiest way to gather brand popularity. 

It’s easy to get connected with similar peer groups, entrepreneurs via official business community pages on Twitter. Involving in any discussion, chat, or various other activities held in such groups always helps a startup business to increase its popularity in social media sites like Twitter. 
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Such peer groups always assist startup firms to gain brand popularity in the market. Such initiatives help a startup SME to gain maximum brand publicity. Often such publicity helps a startup business to nail the unique selling point of the customers. If the entrepreneur is successful in identifying the USP of a market, it’s easy to pull online sales success in the long run.

Tweet on targeted day/days of the calendar that suitably relates your business to engage visitors

Say for e.g., you own a garment store and you want to create brand awareness of your online garment store by promoting your online business on Twitter. All of a sudden you saw Paris Fashion week is going on and any specific word with the hashtag is the ‘trends for the day’ and a huge number of followers are using the word with a hashtag in their tweets. At once the word becomes viral. Try to follow the pattern of the word that becomes the ‘trends for the day’ and tweet it instantly. 

If you're lucky following the same trends you might increase the number of your followers list 1000 from 100. That’s a good beginning after all.

Interact with your customers

Make sure you reply to every tweet about your business. Do not overlook the negative responses as those are equally important for your business. When you thank those who praise you do not forget to address those who are not so satisfied with you. This will increase the credibility of your brand. 

To conclude

Use Twitter tactfully to boost your business and reach the zenith of success. This platform will definitely help you to bring in organic customers and make your brand a popular one. Go ahead!

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