Consumer Electronics in 2020: The Trends to Change the World

When we hear the term "consumer electronics," we're actually talking about a huge industry across multiple categories. It spans a ton of products, a ton of tech, and of course a ton of trends to watch out for. With 2020 looming upon us, we're also going to expect a new decade filled with groundbreaking and innovative discoveries trends in consumer electronics that can change and revolutionize the way we're doing things - be it at home, at school, or even at work. This can be all the more exciting, considering conventions and presentations from top tech companies and industry leaders have revealed exciting products and feature offerings that can change the way we live life as we know it. 

Thing is, what exactly do these products represent? What sorts of trends and innovations are coming to consumer electronics that can change the way we do our thing everyday? Here are some of the hottest trends in the future of consumer electronics:


Smarter smart appliances slowly become the latest hot commodity: Who wouldn't want a refrigerator that tells you what food you're out of, and what you need to buy in the supermarket, right? While this feature can be tad a bit far off in the future, consumers have begun clamoring for better smart appliances. This is also largely thanks to advancements in voice control and artificial intelligence. Thanks to these, and cloud tech, users will slowly find themselves being able to control their appliances from afar and even remotely.

Customer experience give rise to highly-customizable and personalized products: In today's day and age, it's proven that brands and products thrive when they appeal to the personal identity and sensibilities of their users. Gone are the days where people act similarly to their peers. As such brands like Apple that offer a ton of variety of products to their users thrive in its market. Finding ways to appeal to audiences can also greatly help expand the market reach and potential of brands.

E-Commerce continues to thrive with ease of access in retailing and supplies: Despite some brands staying away from e-commerce as a major way of distributing their products, bigger companies that leverage on the reach and ease-of-access of E-Commerce achieve a ton of growth. This proves helpful to the modern consumer, given their reliance on smartphones and modern tech that give them easy access to the internet.


Mobile E-Commerce makes sales much easier to any consumer: Aside from the point on ease-of-access, mobile e-commerce lets customers gain access to the latest in consumer electronics, regardless of the niche, and regardless of where they are in the world. This expands the reach of any brand in consumer electronics to a global scale. as such this allows otherwise very local branch to branch out and try to gain access to foreign markets that could help them grow and thrive. Likewise, this also gives customers a huge variety of products and services to choose from.

Automation takes center stage: Thanks to improvements in various industry operations, the production of consumer electronics products have become much faster and more efficiently. This not only allows products to go to consumers much faster, but this also ensures powerhouse brands have the resources they need to keep on making improvements to their products. Automation is also testament that resources and materials needed to make modern consumer electronics have become much cheaper, and accessible to manufacturers.


AI will go full swing with human-assisted systems: We're slowly seeing the rise of AI products in markets today, especially in consumer electronics. Aside from smartphones and smart appliances, a lot of tech nowadays seem to get slowly manufactured to be "compatible" with AI systems. Thanks to smart assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Bixby, more and more devices will likely have their own integrated "AI assistant" that can fully automate a lot of tasks for their respective users. This not only makes consumer electronics more appealing, but also useful to consumers.

Augmented reality will expand industries: One of the most interesting developments in the field of science and technology today would be augmented reality. Millennials will likely know AR from games like Pokemon Go, but AR as a tool may actually soon be a staple in other industries as well. In the future, we can see AR tech in mirrors in make-up stores so you can see make-up being “applied” to your face in the mirror, or even in the dashboard of cars. Instead of just using the keyboard in car games, you may be able to play car games in an AR environment through your phone camera!

Social media humanizes the customer experience: Building upon the above point, it's not enough that products and services in the consumer electronics field make themselves customizable and personalized for customers. Rather, brands in the industry should also utilize the potential of social media to spread their message to their peers and audiences. Access to social media also allows customers and loyal supporters to express their feelings and thoughts to the brand, something that can easily establish "relatability" between customer and product. 


And there's that - those are perhaps the most revolutionary changes and trends to expect from the consumer electronics industry that can very well make a difference to how we live life as we know it. Granted, some of these trends may or may not arrive exactly in 2020, but it's exciting to know and learn that a lot of tech companies and industry leaders expect to make full use of tech innovations we have today. Some of these tech are actually being used by some companies in some industries today - and it’s exciting to check how these tech can be more widespread across more industries all over the world.

Do you like these trends in the consumer electronics industry? What do you think would be the most useful for your daily life? What are you hoping tech leaders would make for your convenience? Let us know in the comments!

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