How To Protect Your PC From New Threats

We all know that malware attacks are a pretty common occurrence these days. Unfortunately hoping they won’t happen is not going to work as the hackers know various ways through which they can breach the security system of your PC/Laptop. Multiple layers of security are also helpless in front of such criminals, so below we will share with you some ways in which you can protect your PC/laptop from any threats. 


Using antivirus software 

By installing trustworthy antivirus software like Bitdefender Total Security 2020 we can ensure that the hackers are stopped at the initial steps. It is a very obvious choice for people for whom protecting the data on their PC is of top importance. However, not many people want to invest their time and money in high quality protection and eventually end up falling prey to unlawful activities.

Keeping Windows up to date 

The problem is that despite Microsoft’s continuous effort to stay ahead, the hackers find ways to breach its security system. Every week there are regular updates, which are basically intended to stop such attacks. So, if you want to avoid any kind of disruption you should allow the updates as soon as you get them. This keeps your system up-to-date and reduces the chances of an infiltration.

Windows firewall

Every computer has a built-in firewall, which needs to be kept on at all times especially if you want your data to remain safe. You do not have to do much in order to set it up. Just type Firewall in your settings tab and go and enable it. At the outset, it would stop you from opening any wrong websites, which could damage your computer.


Ignore phishing mails

You receive multiple emails in a day. While some of them are automatically filtered to your spam folder, the rest may just reflect in your email account. If by chance you land upon any such email, you must stop checking on it. These include emails which ask you to log into a system and confirm your personal details, or ask for any kind of payment. Apart from that emails which show that you have won a lottery and, in order to get the money, you need to send processing fees, are also fake.

Updated web browser

When on your laptop you would surely use the web browser, however, you must not forget that even they can be a treasure trove for bugs to thrive. Hence, as and when you get to know of updates in your browser do them promptly. Not doing that gives the hackers a chance to create an intrusion in the system. Now when you enter any kind of information, it would be displayed to the hacker and your financial and personal information will become exposed. 

Windows software removal tool

Even Windows has its own malicious software removal tool that you can use for your benefit. If there is any kind of doubt that the PC has been infected, then you can run the tool to see if your doubts are correct. You will find it in the Windows download center and once installed it will take care of the rest of the stuff. However, remember that this is not a dedicated solution like Bitdefender and hence in case of dire situations you should try a quality antivirus.


Keeping your computer protected from hackers and malicious users is becoming tough each passing day. If you want peace of mind you must use antivirus software to keep intruders away from your computer. This is the only method that is absolutely foolproof and the one-stop solution to keep your data safe.


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