MediaTek Technology Diaries Mumbai Edition: Unlocking the Future

MediaTek, the world's 4th largest global fabless semiconductor manufacturing company, powering over 1.5 billion devices a year, on the second edition of the MediaTek Technology Diaries, showcased the power of their future ready technologies & solutions, including the recently launched Helio G series chipsets. The second edition of MediaTek Technology Diaries was held at Mumbai on August 2, 2019. MediaTek leads the market in the chipset technology and builds chips that help in connecting people to their devices in a more understandable & user-friendly way. As they say at MediaTek, its less about connecting people to their devices and more about connecting your devices to what matters. 


In the picture, from left to right, Mr. Anuj Sidharth (Deputy Director, Marketing & Communications, MediaTek India), Mr. Kent Davis (Sr Director & GM Global Marketing & Communications, MediaTek), Mr. Anku Jain (MD, MediaTek India) and Mr. Kevin Keating (Director, MediaTek) at the Mumbai chapter of MediaTek G90 Series Launch

MediaTek's innovative SoC's is present across a portfolio of leading brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme, HTC, Yi, PayTM, Broadlink, Amazon, Myntra etc. across multiple product categories such as smartphones, automobile and surveillance cameras, smart bulb sockets, tv sticks, voice assisted devices, audio systems, tablets and portable biometric tablets among others. Some of the popular products include Amazon Fire TV stick, Yi Dome Camera, Amazon Alexa Credit/Debit card swipe machines etc.
“MediaTek is a market leader in developing innovative and power-efficient systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile device, smart-home solutions and entertainment, connectivity, Voice Assistant Devices (VADs) and IoT products. The market is reinventing itself at an incredibly high-speed and we are glad that we are among the brands leading this future ready revolution. Globally as well as in India there is a lot of focus on technologies that will come in to play like 5G, Rich IoT that enable consumers to get an incredible device experience and performance be it mobile or non-mobile.” - Mr. Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India.
MediaTek leads the initiative to connect people to their devices by demystifying technologies and solutions, making it easy to use for everyone. This is in line with MediaTek’s ‘Everyday Genius commitment’, towards making great technology accessible to everyone, increasing consumer choice and quality of life.
“MediaTek is committed to delivering the latest technologies across a range of products and solutions. The mobile gaming market is growing rapidly and device makers are looking at providing consumers, especially gaming fans with the best smartphone game-play experience.  This has led us to design the G90 series in which our combination of hardware and software delivers high performance coupled with unrivaled image quality, uninterrupted connectivity and smooth responsive action even in the most demanding games.” - Mr. Kevin Keating- Global Director, Marketing, MediaTek.
Recently, MediaTek unveiled its latest Helio G series chipsets - Helio G90 & G90T. These chips are exclusively designed to be the core of an incredible gaming experience on a smartphone. The Helio G90 series combines the latest CPU and GPU cores with ultra-fast memory and AI to deliver fast & fluid performance. With MediaTek's HyperEngine, you can even unleash more gaming power, as this technology tunes your entire smartphone for the greatest gaming experience possible.


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