7 Things to Look For When Buying a Home Security Camera

Let's face it. We want the very best for our home security system. The latest models of burglar alarms have so many bells and whistles; they need a professional to install and configure them. It's the same with other security equipment like security cameras.


Older models of cameras were equipped with fundamental features. They record footage unto video cassette tapes for storage. Now the latest ones come with state-of-the-art features such as cloud storage, motion detection, and Wi-Fi compatibility. If you are looking for a reliable home security camera and you don't know the best features it should come with, you've come to the right place.

Things to look when buying a Home security camera

1. Wireless Connectivity

A security camera that can be used immediately out of the box is a popular feature among homeowners. This means there is no need to call in the expert to get it set up. Many of the models are compact and only require Wi-Fi access to work. You can stream live videos with these cameras on your phone and moving them from one location to the next is easy.

2. High Resolution

One of the most essential features for a security camera is the video resolution. There's no point in getting one if you can't recognize people's faces on the footage. And because the miniaturization of memory cards has allowed more and more data to be stored in smaller chips, there's no limit to the quantity and quality of video footage a camera can store. Security cameras come with standard definition or high definition in terms of video footage.

3. Field of view

A preferred security camera is one that has a wide field of view. It allows for maximum coverage in a single camera unit. For larger areas for monitoring, a camera with 120 degrees of viewing is ideal. Newer models can be rotated remotely, so there's virtually no blind spots for thieves to hide from.

4. Non-stop Recording

An ideal security camera needs to be able to record non-stop. Decades ago, footage can only be stored in cassette tapes, so once a tape is full, it needs to be replaced with a fresh one breaking the recording continuity. Now, modern design has allowed for digital storage in hard drives. Once it is full, the system automatically deletes the oldest footage to make room for new ones.

5. Cloud access / Stream live footage online

What use is a security camera if you can't access it for live streaming? Let's face it. You won't be able to hire someone to continually monitor the feed unless you're a big bank or company. But a camera with internet access can broadcast live footage online, and you can access it with your smartphone. Any time of the day, you have eyes on the comings and goings of your house.

6. Weatherproof

If you want outdoor monitoring as well as indoor, then you might want to consider a weatherproof camera. Take note, though, that outdoor cameras are a little pricey because of the housing they need to be placed in to prevent weather damage. Their placement has to be carefully selected and their mounting stable against all kinds of weather.

7. Option to record audio

No one seems to mind that they only see what's happening in an area instead of being able to hear it too. But that was before. People are a lot more vigilant now. They want to see as well as listen to what's happening in and around their homes. This is why a voice recorder on a security camera is now essential and mandatory.

Final Thoughts 

We cannot take our safety for granted. Being complacent to our surrounding is one way we fall victim to crime. By staying vigilant and employing the use of technology, we safeguard our property as well as our loved ones from attacks. Security cameras are not the one answer, but it's a start. With more eyes around, we prevent thieves and burglars from targeting our domicile.

About Author: Kerry Brooks is a passionate blogger and frequent traveler who writes about home improvement, travel, and the latest trend in emerging technologies. She is currently working with EyeSpySupply, which offers a wide range of spy equipment and tracking devices, including wifi spy camera, nanny cams, GPS trackers, and voice-activated audio recorder and more.


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