Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Headphones with SmartSound AI Technology Launched in India

At CES 2019, Jabra announced their newest addition in their Elite range of headsets, and a new contender in the wireless headphone category - Jabra Elite 85h. The new addition comes with active noise cancellation and are engineered with Jabra SmartSound AI technology which automatically adjusts the audio as per your surroundings, to give you the best calls and music experience. Whether you are commuting in public transport, or are in a crowded place or need to concentrate, SmartSound has got you covered. The Elite 85h headphones also feature Jabra’s HearThrough technology, which enables the user to decide how much surrounding sounds of the outside world penetrate through to the listener. This feature will help the user stay aware of the surroundings while enjoying music on the streets, with HearThrough you'll be able to listen to your surroundings (vehicle horns etc.) without taking the headphones off. 


Jabra Elite 85h Highlights

The Jabra Elite 85h headphones are the most expensive & technologically advanced product in Jabra's consumer headset range. The headphones come with 40mm drivers and a total of 8 microphones in which 4 microphones are dedicated for calls, 2 microphones for Active Noise Cancellation and 2 hybrid microphones for both calls & ANC. Which makes 6 microphones for calls & 4 microphones for ANC. The Elite 85h feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, IP52 Dust & Rain resistance, and an option to connect via 3.5 mm jack. 


The Jabra Elite 85h headphones are said to have a 36-hour battery life with Active Noise Cancellation activated and up to 41-hour battery life without Active Noise Cancellation. The headphones charge via USB-C cable and supports fast charging. The 40mm custom-engineered speakers deliver top-quality acoustic experience with extreme durability. The Elite 85h comes in four color options; Black, Titanium Black, Gold Beige and Navy.


SmartSound AI Technology

Jabra SmartSound is based on audEERING’s context intelligence technology, which uses real-time acoustic scene analysis of environmental sounds. The technology can detect more than 6,000 unique sound characteristics and uses this to adapt audio output to each specific context. This means that when moving from a noisy train station into a quiet train carriage, the context intelligence technology will take notice and will automatically adjust the audio to the changed surroundings. It will select one of the three moments: ‘Commute’, ‘In Public’ or ‘In Private’ to guarantee a consistent quality for your audio experience. Users can personalize their calls and music settings even further through Jabra’s Sound+ app, which will remember your preferred settings within the mode for future similar situations. 
“audEERING's AI based audio context intelligence technology empowers the new Elite 85h headphones by Jabra to deliver the best call and music experience on the market. Users can be sure to get the most sophisticated product there is with reliable and innovative AI technology made in Germany.” - Dagmar Schuller, CEO at audEERING
The 8 microphone solution combined with the Jabra Sound+ app creates a quick Voice Assistant access experience. Users only need to touch a button on the headphones to interact with Alexa, Siri® or Google Assistant™.
“At Jabra, we always strive towards delivering products inspired by the future. We have always been fascinated by sound and wanted to make life sound better by discovering new technologies. We developed SmartSound – audio that automatically adapts to the surroundings, to ensure our consumers get a consistent and superior experience of voice, audio and music in every environment. Our Elite range of products are built to deliver best in class sound technology for calls and music. Aligned with that, the Elite 85h is a revolutionary headset that will change the way we experience sound and cope with noise in the future." Dr. Amitesh Punhani, Country Marketing Manager, India & SAARC 
Pricing & Availability

Jabra Elite 85h Headphones are priced at Rs.28,999 (INR)

As mentioned earlier, Jabra Elite 85h headphones will be available in four color options; Black, Titanium Black, Gold Beige and Navy. You get two year warranty against rain & dust (Registration required with the Jabra Sound+ app). The headphones will be available starting 25th May, 2019 at Amazon, Croma and via Jabra authorized resellers. For more details visit Jabra website.


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