Instagram Optimization for Boosting SEO & Social Presence of Business

Instagram is a robust visual platform just right for digital marketers and so you must leverage this amazing marketing tool for boosting your brand and overall social presence. Marketers and businesses who are constantly using multichannel marketing technique understand the fact that your efforts for promoting your brand on Instagram must necessarily go beyond Instagram itself. However, Instagram accounts are surprisingly quite difficult to index for demonstrating the search results. This is primarily because Instagram usually blocks and prevents search engines from indexing your pictures on Instagram. The Instagram profiles could be indexed but the Instagram photos cannot be. This could be a cause of concern.


However, as per research, “More than 800 million people actively use Instagram every month. 80% of all users on Instagram follow at least one business account. Instagram now gets over 2 million advertisers every month. 59% of micro-influencers believe that they get the best engagement on Instagram. 60% of users on Instagram visit the platform daily.” All these valuable statistics clearly reveal the phenomenal growth ratio of Instagram and demonstrates the actual reason why the biggest brands worldwide choose Instagram to promote and boost their businesses and brands. It is quite evident that Instagram is pretty effective in assisting numerous brands and businesses to reach out to their specific target audience and gain new and real Instagram followers. Let us examine effective ways of optimizing your Instagram account to boost search engine optimization.

Ensure Your Profile Is Not Private but Open to Public 

Instagram profiles are actually open to the public by default, implying that anyone and everyone could have access to your profile and they could easily browse through your content. As a business wishing to promote your brand, this is the ideal situation as your brand would get exposed to a much wider audience. You must double check your privacy settings. Make sure your Instagram account is on a public setting so that it is accessible to all.

You Must Link To All Your Instagram Posts Directly

This is surely an important technique to boost your brand. The Instagram is usually buried in JavaScript so the links to your specific Instagram posts on your Instagram profile actually are not regarded as real links as per Google. As such, most of the Instagram posts actually are not indexed in the search engine results. You simply cannot promote or boost your individual posts on Instagram by simply promoting your individual Instagram profile. If you want your posts to be found on the search results, it is mandatory to consider linking them directly from all your other channels ensuring to copy the link which directly points to the precise post. 

According to the Instagram followers guide on Shopify, it is recommended that you must follow, like, and comment particularly, on your competitor’s posts as around 34 percent of them would be following you back. If you have more followers, you could pick up more links from all those followers who link to your posts.


Even though Instagram is not really an SEO-friendly social media platform, you may take the above-mentioned steps to boost your Instagram profile and help your Instagram posts to appear in search results while similar brands would possibly be invisible. These steps must be implemented to effectively boost your brand’s visibility on the social marketing circuit.

About Guest Author: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She recommended improving real Instagram followers for Business. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.


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