Acoosta Uno Portable Speaker with Built-in Music, Bluetooth & Karaoke : Review

Are you looking to buy something new for your household this Diwali season? Well, you're in luck, a new revolutionary product just entered the market. Acoosta Innovations just launched its first product Acoosta Uno through a strategic association with Sony DADC. The Acoosta Uno is a new-age revolutionary high-fidelity music system with pre-loaded music, Bluetooth support, ergonomic design and karaoke capabilities. It can be transformed into a karaoke system by connecting microphones and then you can sing along to your favorite tunes. We all have a singer inside us, waiting for a chance to jump out, mostly when in the bathroom or when no one is around. Unleash the rockstar from within you and set the party on fire with your very own portable Karaoke device cum Bluetooth speaker. So without wasting time lets straight jump into the review of Acoosta Uno.



Coming to my favorite part which is unboxing, Acoosta Innovations did a great job with the product packaging. Acoosta Uno came with quite a lot of accessories which can enable it to perform various tasks, here is what you get; Acoosta Uno speaker, Remote, charging adapter, microUSB cable, aux cable, some user manuals and a FM antenna cable. To get a better idea, you can go ahead and watch my unboxing video of Acoosta Uno below.


The accessories which you get with Acoosta Uno are pretty much what you'll require in your day-to-day usage, but if you wish to use the karaoke feature, you'll need to purchase Acoosta karaoke microphone separately (For a limited time, Acoosta will be giving a karaoke microphone free on the purchase of Acoosta Uno, so check with them on this), you can use up to two microphones on a single Acoosta Uno unit.

Design & Build Quality

For an average consumer, the design & build quality of a product plays a very important role in making the decision whether to buy it or not. Thankfully Acoosta Uno comes with a beautifully crafted design, sturdy & well built body and premium feel. The front of the device  has a glossy plastic display panel in the middle & metallic speaker grills on both the sides, the glossy plastic area contains the display panel along with Acoosta logo. 


The top section of the speaker has a brushed metallic texture and contains various buttons and a big clickable dial in the center which can be used to control volume & play/pause music. The buttons along with the dial are backlit with blue light which looks amazing in my opinion. The buttons on the right side of the dial are; Music, Bluetooth, FM Radio and a big power on/off button. The buttons of the left side of the dial are; home/back, source, favorite, microphone echo control and microphone volume. The microphone echo & volume buttons will only work when Acoosta karaoke microphone is connected with the speaker. 


The back side of the speaker contains the sub-woofer outlets at the bottom and various ports for connection that include; FM antenna port, microphone port 1, microphone port 2, AUX port, USB port and finally a microUSB port for charging the speaker. 


There's a cavity just above the ports which can be used to carry the speaker around. The back has a leather like texture which feels amazing. Overall the design of Acoosta Uno is perfect as per my liking and I'm sure you'll like it too, the speaker is made up of good quality materials, feels premium and is quite portable, will definitely attract eyeballs wherever you take it.

Built-In Music by Sony DADC 

Acoosta Uno comes with built-in music which can be played whenever you want, without connecting it to Internet, Bluetooth or any other music source. It contains more than 14000 songs of 50+ genres and 1000+ artists from around the world. The music contains International artists, new hindi filmy songs, old hindi filmy songs, songs by other Indian artists, devotional music, ghazal/sufi music, Indian classical & instrumental music, music for kids, top Indian songs etc. Coming to the International music section, you get classic songs, contemporary music, top artists and a wide range of genres which include; acoustic, blues, classic rock, country music, alternative rock, dance music, hard rock, hip hop, retro music, R&B, Pop, party music, instrumental, love songs, movie music, rock, soft rock, disco and much more. From a hard rocker to a ghazal/sufi lover, Acoosta Uno got everything covered offline. 


Acoosta Uno also comes with a separate kids section which contains Nursery rhymes, Jataka tales, stories, lullabies and kid friendly songs. All of this in one small package and in case you want to play something beyond this huge list of songs, you can still do that by using Bluetooth connectivity, by plugging in a USB drive or by connecting an AUX cable, and if you still don't want to do that, you can tune in to FM radio anytime you like.


The Acoosta Uno is one of its kind and can be used as a portable karaoke device when connected with Acoosta karaoke microphone. The device supports up to two microphones, which enables you to sing duets with your partner or friends, whenever you like. The karaoke feature makes Uno stand out as compared to other products in this category, this handy feature turns the Uno into a portable karaoke machine and will blow a new life into your house parties & gatherings. With this feature, you can offer karaoke & sing along sessions to your guests, and can also record your singing sessions to a USB drive. The Uno comes with mic echo and mic volume buttons on the top of the device, using this you can adjust the echoing & volume of connected microphones. 


The karaoke microphones do not come with the Acoosta Uno, you'll need to purchase them separately for Rs.1299 for each microphone, however for a limited time period Acoosta is giving a free karaoke microphone on purchase of Acoosta Uno. Acoosta was kind enough to send me a microphone along with the device, this enabled me to 

Sound Quality

My first impressions with Acoosta Uno music system was Wow, I was quite impressed with the sound quality and in my opinion the sound quality is the most important feature of any speaker, no matter how many features a speaker boasts of but if the sound quality is not good then it a big deal breaker for me. Fortunately Acoosta Uno aced the sound quality test and came out as an all-rounder. The Uno packs 2000W PMPO speakers that provides thumping bass along with clean highs and smooth mids. The volume of Acoosta Uno can go surprisingly high and even at the highest volume, the audio does not distorts but stays clear. The Uno is perfect for house parties, gatherings and even for picnic & camping trips


One thing which I really like about the Acoosta Uno is that no matter what genre you play, it will handle it perfectly, the vocals & instruments are distinguishable & not overpowering, especially the bass, its there but does not spoil the mids, highs & vocals. From hard rock to ghazals, catchy pop songs to old filmy songs, no matter what you throw at it, the result will be soothing for the ears.
During a preview event for Acoosta Uno in Mumbai, I got an opportunity to meet the MD & Co-founder of Acoosta, Mr.Neeraj Sethi and CEO Mr.Dinkar Pathak. Mr.Sethi personally explained to me how they have tuned the speaker to automatically adjust the parameters of different genres in order to give a good experience, since there is no equalizer setting present. According to Mr.Sethi, the device is pre-tuned as per the genres and will deliver the best possible output accordingly. 
So far I have no complaints regarding the audio performance, but I'll still love to see an equalizer setting to adjust different parameters for the inbuilt music.

Battery Performance

Acoosta Uno comes with an in-built battery which the company claims to last close to 5 hours on a single charge when played on maximum volume, however the result which I got during my testing was slightly below 4.5 hours when played continuously on full volume, this test included 2 hr inbuilt music playback, 1 hour Bluetooth music playback, 1 hour Aux playback and finally playing music through USB drive until the battery drained out completely (around 25 minutes), this still is quite a decent result in my opinion. I even tested the speaker with different playback sources; When using inbuilt music continuously on full volume, the speaker lasted slightly below 5 hours, which is pretty close to the claim made by the company. 


I found that when you use USB or Bluetooth as a playback source, the speaker drains more battery as compared to when using inbuilt music. Overall the battery performance was decent keeping the output of speaker in mind.

Final Words

Acoosta Uno does its job well and that is playing music without any interruption, The speaker supports all major playback sources one could think of; USB drive, AUX, Bluetooth, FM radio etc., and even after that, it comes with a huge library of offline music which includes 14000+ songs of over 50 different genres and 1000+ artists from around the world. No matter what you music taste is, Acoosta Uno got you covered with a huge list of artists & genres, from Rock to Pop to Old hindi filmy to Classic Rock to Rap to Hip hop to new hindi songs, whatever you say, you've got it.


And since the day I'm using Acoosta, I have no complaints or disappointments whatsoever, the device is serving me well, whether it be music, portability, design or battery performance, I'm in love with it. I agree that nothing is perfect and Acoosta Uno is also not perfect, but its pretty close and satisfactory as per my needs. I'll definitely recommend Acoosta Uno to people who are in search of a portable yet powerful high-fidelity music system with Bluetooth support, inbuilt music and karaoke capabilities, it won't disappoint you.

Pricing & Availability

Acoosta Uno is priced at Rs.11,999 INR and will be available online as well as offline through Vijay sales, Croma, Reliance Digital, Bajaj Electronics, Sony Mony etc. It will also be available online via Amazon and other ecommerce stores. The karaoke microphone is priced at Rs.1299 INR but for a limited time period is being given for free with the purchase of Acoosta Uno speaker. 

Buy Acoosta Uno Speaker from Amazon 
Buy Acoosta Karaoke Microphone from Amazon

I hope this review was helpful, you can share your thoughts via comments.


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