5 Tips to Grow Your Instagram & Become an Influencer

Instagram is a popular social network with millions of users who the network on daily basis to share their pictures & stories, the mobile app allows people to follow their favorite profiles and lets you see what they have been up to. It also allows people to like and comment on posts. Depending on the number of likes and posts that you get, you can get quite popular on Instagram. Being a popular influencer on Instagram has its set of advantages; from getting instant fame to earning money as well. This amazing set of perks drives a lot of people towards the journey of being rich & famous. If you wish it become an Influencer on Instagram, then there's a lot of work to do before you can achieve your goal. Below are some of the tips you'll need to follow to get started.


1. Pay attention of your Profile

To get that started, come up with a catchy name for your account. Take your time because you would not want to change it later. When choosing name, make it something easy to remember, something which is catchy & also be a reflection of your personality.


After name, a high-quality profile picture will do wonders in attracting people toward your profile. Remember, never use a low quality picture or no picture for that matter, this will definitely put people off and they would not want to follow you. Next up is bio, write an interesting bio and include your hobbies or an interesting quote or other details about you. Be creative and go with what you feel like. Avoid copy/pasting common quotes or lame bio's which are available all across the Internet, this puts your profile into bad light.

2. Choose a Niche or Theme

Your account should be public and not private. This will allow more people to follow you freely without first having to request you for permission. Choose a niche or theme for your account. People who are interested in your theme will follow you. 


It helps if you can get into a niche market and post photos that people cannot easily find anywhere else. This will ensure that the people who follow your posts stick around.

3. Develop community & Post Regularly

Keep your account active by regularly posting pictures, start with posting one picture per day and keep going until you have a good number of followers. You might want to increase the frequency of posting pictures once you have an active followers base or simply stick to one picture per day routine. Make sure you are following other people, commenting on their photos and replying to comments on your posts. Always interact with your audience & try to reply as many comments as possible.


Keeping your followers engaged will help you to build a relationship with them. Also, posting on a regular basis will keep you in the lime light and will remind people of your existence on Instagram. If you are not active or don't post regularly, you might see people unfollowing you.

4. Use pictures to tell your story.

Tell an ongoing story with your photos. Leave your followers wondering what will happen next, Be creative and let it show through your pictures. Don't post a lot of selfies, at least with the same backdrop, try to mix it up with landscapes, outdoor setting, beautiful views , travel photos, hangouts with friends etc. whatever you do, just try to stick with your niche and since being an influencer is your goal, try to show a bit of your personal life on your profile, and by personal I mean something which gives your followers a chance to get to know you more and relate to your daily activities. Once you are able to establish that kind of relationship with your followers, they'll keep coming to your profile for more.


When taking pictures, make use of a high-quality camera, probably a DSLR if you can but most smartphones will also do. Take pictures in ample lighting, this will help in reducing the noise levels and your pictures will look good. Add interesting and relevant captions / quotes to your posts and also use relevant hash tags to give your post a boost. You are allowed to use 30 hash tags per post, so use them wisely.

5. Monitor the stats & show them what they want.

Last but not the least, you need to make sure that you post what your followers want to see, and by this I mean, keep a close check on your posted pictures, see which type of pictures receive more likes or comments. The pictures which receive more engagement tells you what your followers are interested in. Post photos that your followers like to see, don't just post thing which you want to see, being an influencer its your prime aim to listen to your followers demand and supply them accordingly. 


Also make sure that you enable Business page on your Instagram profile, by doing this you'll be able to check statistics related to your profile, this can help you in a long run.

Final Words

Growing your Instagram profile and becoming a popular influencer is not a piece of cake, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and patience to reach that level. The time it takes to achieve that level is different for each individual, some might find an early success, while it might take long for others, the above mentioned tips are just there to help you move in the right direction, keep following them and learn from your experiences, never give up and keep patience, eventually you'll start seeing results. I hope this article was helpful, please let me know in the comments below.

Pictures source: pexels.com

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