Why e-commerce is becoming so popular on mobile?

E-commerce has long been a main dominator upon the internet, overtaking physical retail in recent years by a large margin. But with mobile usage also growing exponentially, it’s worth asking why. Here are just some of the reasons why e-commerce is becoming so undeniably popular on mobile.


It’s accessible

There’s no denying that mobiles are perhaps the most accessible way to browse and shop online—people carry their phones with them wherever they go, meaning they can open your online store during their commute to work, whilst in a cafĂ© or even when with friends who have recommended said store to them.

Browsing via mobile is instant, easy, and available anywhere, meaning entrepreneurs and creators should harness the power of mobile shopping for stores of their own. It’s important to make your online store accessible, easy to browse, and straightforward so customers can shop anywhere they are.

Mobiles are more popular than desktops

In recent years, mobiles have become the device of choice to access the internet, overtaking desktops by a large—and increasingly growing—margin. As shown by Stone Temple, 63% of traffic in 2017 came from mobiles, and with the mobile bounce rate also lowering, it’s an indicator that mobile UX is improving fast.

It’s important to take from this that time spent on sites via mobile is significantly less than desktops—so if you’re trying to catch the eye of new customers and have them stick around, you need to engage them. Have a visually appealing design that makes sense for mobile, and reduce the number of steps it takes to make a purchase and your online store will be successful on all platforms.

Apps can be dedicated to your store

In this day and age, there truly is an app for almost everything. That being said, it may be worth designing one of your own—it’ll make the experience of browsing your online store much easier and more streamlined.

Often, websites can appear clunky, outdated, and difficult to navigate on mobile browsers, but apps can be optimized for all smartphones in order to give a dedicated experience. It’s also one of the most effective ways to translate your brand and identity to mobiles—with an app, you won’t be as limited.

With apps, there’s also more potential for extra features that won’t be possible on desktops. Consider the surge in popularity for augmented reality, as well as possible methods of communication between company and customer that will increase trust.

Your brand can easily be translated

As mentioned, ensuring your brand is established on mobiles is important. Whether it’s through designs, your tone of voice, or even your company values, your brand is something that should be prevalent on every platform you exist on.

If you haven’t yet focused on your branding, be aware that it extends far past a simple logo. The way you communicate with customers, the designs of your products and even your terms and conditions all contribute, and by establishing this brand and effectively displaying it on mobiles as well as desktops will tell customers you’re worthy of their time, attention and money.


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