1More Launches iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphones in India

Audio brand 1More launched iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone & Remote in India. If you can recall, the last post which I posted about 1More was the Review of 1More Piston Fit Earphones, if you haven't checked it out then go ahead and come back here later. So coming to the topic, 1More is a premium consumer electronics audio brand based in San Diego, California, USA, with a mission to come up with premium quality audio products at affordable prices. 1More has teamed up with internationally acclaimed Grammy Award Winning producer, mixer, and sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist's intended sound. Let's take a look at them.


iBFree Bluetooth Earphones

The iBFree Bluetooth earphones come with self-invented 1MORE Bluetooth chip with Bluetooth V4.2 which ensures faster and more stable connections with a range up to 10 meters or 30 feet. The battery backup of iBFree Bluetooth earphones is also quite great, when fully charged, the earphones deliver 8 hours of music playback or calling time. It takes around 2 hours to charge them fully from zero. The 1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphone with AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) high-quality codec technology Bluetooth transmission and with a higher decoding rate which significantly reduces the size of the audio file to enhance the transmission speed, and simultaneously keeping the original sound intact.


The Bluetooth antenna on the iBFree Bluetooth earphones is intelligently placed inside the remote control, instead of the ear buds, this change in position greatly reduces the reach of the electromagnetic radition to the brain. The Headphones come with 10 mm diameter aeronautical composite metal diaphragm which consists of Aerospace Metal + PET double-layer design which brings rich details & a mellow but solid bass. The Remote control box  & the Bluetooth module come with nano waterproof coating, and IPX6 waterproof  remote control helps in protecting the internal circuit board from sweat, rain & water splash. The In-line remote can be used for taking calls, as well as controlling the music. The microphone present is of a great quality, and it eliminates cross-talk & background static, making call experience crystal clear.


Price & Availability

1More iBFree Bluetooth Earphones are priced at Rs.3,999 INR

The earphones will carry 1 year warranty and will be available via Amazon, Flipkart, 1More India online store and HeadphoneZone.in website. The earphones are available in two color options and those are Red, Green & Black. You can make use of the coupon code SPORT20 to avail an extra 20% discount on pre-orders.

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