How to Fix Black Instagram Photos Bug on Android (2018)

Hello guys, I'm back with a quick tutorial, previously I did a tutorial here in which I showed you a way to fix Black photos on Instagram, apparently, that method does not work anymore due to several updates on the Instagram app, but this does not mean that this is impossible to fix, today I'll teach you How to fix Black Instagram Photos Bug on Android smartphone. I'm not sure if this bug is present on iOS, but if you are facing this issue on an iOS device then you can follow the below instructions to fix it as well. Earlier the bug was fixed but recently a lot of people are still getting this issue on the Instagram app, so without wasting any time let us get to the tutorial section.


What is Black Instagram Photos?

To explain this in short, sometimes when you upload a high-quality/resolution picture on Instagram, it automatically shows a black picture in place of your uploaded picture. I'm not sure what is the reason behind this but it is really annoying. 


How to Fix Black Instagram Photos? - Tutorial

This easy step-by-step tutorial with screenshots will help you fix the black Instagram photos bug. I tried it on one of my devices and it worked. If you have an older device with an old version of the Instagram app then this tutorial might not work, you can follow the older guide to fix the bug on an older device with the older Instagram app.
Note: Update your Instagram app regularly, a lot of times new updates fix the bugs present on older versions of the app. I recommend you to update your app first and then continue with the tutorial.
Step 1: Open Instagram app on your device. Go to your Profile section.


Step 2: On the Top-Right corner, tap on the Options icon (Three vertical dots).

Step 3: Once you are in the Options section, scroll down until you reach Settings section.


Step 4: Look for 'Upload Quality' option and tap on it.

You will find two options when you enter Upload Quality section; those are Normal and Basic


By default, the Normal option is selected. In order to fix the Black photos or partial black photos, change to Basic in Upload Quality section. After doing that, Restart the app.'

Switching to the Basic option will most probably fix the Black photos issue. I hope this tutorial was helpful, you can leave your comments below and let me know if it worked for you. In case you are still facing the issue, leave a comment and I will try to provide a solution or will help you in overcoming it. Thanks for your support guys, Please do follow us on Social networks and also Subscribe us on YouTube for latest tech updates.


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