Evidson Audiowear Z4 Earphones Review

Last week we posted our review on Evidson Audiowear B2 earphones, which were launched in India about a month ago, and if you are a regular reader of this blog then you must have read our coverage on Evidson Audiowear Z4, which were launched soon after the Audiowear B2, about three weeks ago from now. Evidson sent us a unit of Audiowear Z4 earphones last week so that we can carry out our tests and share our experience using them, and since I enjoy music & gadgets more than anything, I took this opportunity with open hands. Since a week, I've been using Evidson Audiowear Z4 earphones extensively for a couple of hours each day and now I think I'm ready to put down my experience, so sit back and enjoy the review.


So as usual, below is the testing procedure we're following for all our headphones/earphones reviews. By going through it, you'll get an idea about the tests we performed and the results we obtained from them.
Testing Procedure: To ensure that I can test the earphones on their uppermost limit, I used high-quality audio files & Lossless formats. For MP3's, I used 320KBPS files and for Lossless formats, I used FLAC & WAV files. To squeeze out the best performance out of them, I used custom equalizer settings & tweaked them throughout to test their extreme capability. For mobile listening, I used custom music player (Poweramp) to get more control over the output & to boost the performance. On Laptop, I used iTunes music player & VLC player. Throughout, I used high-quality music files and also tested them on different phones.

The packaging used by Evidson for Audiowear Z4 earphones was quite similar to the one used for Audiowear R5 and B2, the only noticeable difference was the width of the box, it was wider, rest all was as usual. The box was made up of plastic, the top half of the box was transparent, through which the earphones were visible. The box contained the earphones and two pairs of silicone ear tips (different sizes) along with a pair of foam tips. That was pretty much it, there was no user guide or warranty card inside the box. Below is the unboxing video of Evidson Audiowear Z4, from our YouTube channel.

Technical Specifications

For the tech junkies, below is the full technical specifications list, as per the retail box and the brand website.
  • 7 mm Micro Driver with Titanium diaphragm.
  • Rated Impedance of 15.8 Ω 
  • Frequency Range: 30 Hz ~ 20 kHz 
  • Sensitivity: 106 dB at 1 mW 
  • Noise isolation: 24 Db
  • 1.2 Meter heavy-duty cable
  • 14 grams weight.
  • 3.5 mm Audio Jack


Evidson Audiowear Z4 comes with a texturized finely crafted metal alloy design with deep black color, which makes it quite attractive. The earphones are very light in weight at 14 grams, similar to Audiowear B2 earphones, this makes them comfortable when wearing for long periods. Both the buds come with Evidson branding on the back with 'L' and 'R' markings on it. The cables used are similar to the ones on Audiowear B2, they seem quite durable & heavy-duty, they use thermoplastic elastomers cables, which are quite stronger than regular earphone cable. The earphone cable is tangle resistant and 1.2 meters in length, which is more than enough for day-to-day use with mobile devices. The Audiowear Z4 come with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, gold-plated and in a metal housing. 


Microphone & Remote

Unlike Audiowear B2 earphones, the Audiowear Z4 comes with a microphone and a one-button remote. The microphone & remote is located on the 'R' side of the cable, the one-button remote can be used for controlling music or for hands-free calling experience. The remote comes with a Play/Pause button, which can also be used for skipping tracks Next or Previous by double-tapping & triple-tapping the button respectively. The microphone quality is decent, we did use it for regular hands-free calling during our tests, the receiving party could hear the voice clearly and loud enough. 


Sound Quality

Talking about the performance, Evidson Audiowear Z4 earphones comes with Titanium diaphragm, 7 mm Micro Driver and neodymium magnets. We tested them for a week, before writing this review, on different devices and audio formats. Honestly saying, they were much better than Audiowear B2 in terms of audio detail. The Audiowear Z4 earphones delivered decent audio output with superior & well-balanced acoustics. The mids and highs were really good, the bass was there and was quite noticeable, but wasn't very clear, it was quite muddy in my opinion, but tweaking it using an equalizer did improve it a bit. The soundstage was wider and the vocals sounded clear & crisp. According to Evidson, the Audiowear Z4's ergonomic design acoustically blocks distracting ambient sound and you can hear crisp audio without any interruption. I'll suggest experimenting with different silicone tips to get the perfect seal for better bass & noise isolation. Overall the sound quality was decent for this price segment.

Warranty & Price

Just like other Evidson earphones, the Audiowear Z4 carries One Year Warranty or 12 months. They're Made in India and are available via Amazon India, PayTM store & selected Retailers.

Evidson Audiowear Z4 are Priced at Rs.1,799
Available for purchase at Amazon India. (Rs.1,549)



Till now I've reviewed three Evidson earphones from the Audiowear series and I'm really happy with all of them, though not perfect but they're definitely decent in their respective price range. Evidson Audiowear Z4 is a new addition to the Audiowear series and they're equally amazing. The highs & mids were really good, the bass was kind of muddy but can be improved with the help of an equalizer. The soundstage was wide, vocals were clear and overall the music experience on it was amazing. The earphones did isolate the noise pretty well, fortunately, the ear tips which came pre-installed on them fitted me perfectly and sealed my ears completely, but I'll still suggest trying different sized tips to find the perfect ones for your ears.

My Rating:  3 Out of 5

Overall the Evidson Audiowear Z4 are decent but for a price tag of Rs.1,799, I find them a bit overpriced. The Evidson Audiowear B2 were quite close to them in terms of performance & build quality, but were priced quite lower than the Z4 earphones. The Evidson Audiowear Z4 are somewhat better than B2, but the difference is quite small and most of the people won't even notice that. They both share almost same build quality and same heavy-duty cable etc. The only major difference between both of them is the presence of Microphone & Remote on the Z4. If you're looking for good quality earphones with durable cable, amazing build quality, superior sound and microphone for hands-free calling, then you should definitely take a look at the Evidson Audiowear Z4 earphones. If a microphone is not necessary then you can go for Evidson Audiowear B2 earphones, they're very close in terms of sound quality but are priced quite low. I hope you liked this review.


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