Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus Earphones Review

When it comes to premium earphones, Creative is one of the brands, whose name comes among the top listers. I always wanted to get my hands on one of the Creative earphones but didn't get any chance. Finally, I got an opportunity to test Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus earphones and share my experience through a write-up, I embraced this opportunity with my full might and was excited to get started. I tested Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus for good two weeks before coming up with my review, they were terrific as In-Ear headphones but do burn a hole in the pocket, thanks to the premium price tag it carries. The earphones are good overall with balanced sound across different frequencies and decent noise isolation, we'll go in detail in this review, so without further ado, let's begin.


In case you're wondering what testing procedures I follow when I review earphones or headphones, below is a brief paragraph on it.
Testing Procedure: To ensure that I can test the earphones on their uppermost limit, I used high-quality audio files & Lossless formats. For MP3's, I used 320KBPS files and for Lossless formats, I used FLAC & WAV files. To squeeze out the best performance out of them, I used custom equalizer settings & tweaked them throughout to test their extreme capability. For mobile listening, I used custom music player (Poweramp) to get more control over the output & to boost the performance. On Laptop, I used iTunes music player & VLC player. Throughout, I used high-quality music files and also tested them on different phones.

Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus earphones come in a fancy plastic box with transparent top half, through which you can see nothing but the earphones. The bottom half is again plastic but black in color, covered by a thin cardboard outer cover, with Creative branding and product information. The box was beautifully packed and was equally difficult to open, the top shell holds the bottom really tight, so you might face difficulty opening it. Once opened, you see the earbuds neatly attached to a plastic stand, and the other accessories are below the plastic lid. Coming to the point, Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus box comes with; the earphones, a nice carry case, different sized ear tips, a cleaning tool, Airplane adapter, a user manual and some other documentation

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Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus, as per the retail box, website and some other forums. Please Note, the brand didn't provide much technical information about this product, I tried to find as much as possible, they're listed below.
  • Frequency range: 15 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Drivers: Balanced Armature 
  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Rated Impedance: 42 ohms
  • Cable: 1.2 meters (Oxygen Free copper)
  • Audio Jack: 3.5 mm Gold Plated (L-Shaped) 4 pole.
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB /mW
  • Microphone with In-Line Remote

Design & Quality

Honestly saying, Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus are one of the best looking earphones I've ever reviewed, or even used till date. The housing is very thin, made full of metal with chrome finish. By default, the earphones come with medium sized ear tips, but you get other size ear tips in the box so you can switch if the default one doesn't fit you. The housing looks super cool, I've seen the expressions on the faces of my friends, to whom, I showed these earphones for the first time. Thumbs up to creative for the design.


The cable is rounded one, with rubberized coating. It is 1.2 meters in length and is quite sturdy. I was expecting a flat type cable, but the one which comes with Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus is quite good in terms of quality but unfortunately, it is not tangle-free, so you need to be careful. I'll recommend storing the earphones neatly in the provided case, this will prevent tangles & will ensure long life. The housing has Aurvana branding and 'L' & 'R' marking.  The 3.5 mm jack is gold plated and L-shaped, the earphones are very light weighted, you actually don't feel them when they are on, this makes them a perfect choice for prolonged listening. Overall the design is excellent and the build quality is of a high standard.  

Microphone & Remote


The microphone on the earphones is separately placed on the 'R' cable, the remote is located in the center. This separate placement of microphone allows you to talk hands-free without holding the mic in one hand, because of this placement, the microphone stays closer to your mouth.  The remote comes with an action button and a volume slider. The action button can be used to Play/Pause with a single tap. You can move on to next track by hitting the button twice & previous track by hitting the button thrice. You can take calls by a single tap & can end the call by tapping the button once. The volume slider is something which I liked a lot in these earphones, you can adjust volume simply by adjusting the slider.

Audio Quality

Creative is known for their high-quality earphones and is considered among the best brands when it comes to audio. Since this was my first Creative earphone, I was very excited to test the audio quality (you can refer to my testing procedure paragraph above, for detailed information on tests which I perform before writing the reviews). 


Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus comes with Balanced Armature technology, the audio output by default (without any equalized tweaking) was overall clear & very detailed, you can actually distinguish between different frequencies. There was no distortion whatsoever, every texture & detail was stimulating, there was a good balance between different frequencies. The mids & highs very really good & clear, the lows were decent, not-at-all overpowering. The earphones are very loud, and it's good to see that even on the maximum volume level, there is no distortion. The Balanced Armature technology delivers an immersive experience with detailed & overall balance sound with a rich tone.

Warranty Information & Price


Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus comes with standard one year warranty and when it comes to the price, they're quite expensive, the latest listed price on Amazon India is Rs.5,635, you can buy them from Amazon India.


So after testing Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus for good two weeks with different audio file formats, lossless audio files, different equalizer settings, different media players etc. I can say that they're pretty good and delivers balanced sound overall with pretty good noise isolation. I tested them in public places like in shopping malls, metro station, railway station etc. and was surprised to find that they do block unwanted noises very well, you'll have to ensure that you have a correct pair of ear tips installed on them which seals your ears perfectly. 


The sound of Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus is a bit on the warmer side, the mids & highs are just awesome in my opinion, the lows were ok, not at all overpowering the other frequencies, a simple equalizer adjustment can work wonders, so I'll suggest you, tweak the equalizer a bit, in case you're not happy with the output and would like to power up the frequencies. The accessories which come with the earphones are of very high quality, no doubt there, It was good to see a carrying case & a cleaning tool inside the packaging, you'll need that to clean up the ear wax and other particles from the tube-like housing. The microphone performance is decent, the remote works good on all apps, I loved the volume slider provided. One thing which I didn't like about these earphones is the cable, I believe that for such a premium price tag, Creative should've provided with tangle free flat cable.

Coming to the point, Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 Plus are good for those who are looking for earphones with balanced overall sound with decent mids, highs & lows, and to those who are willing to spend a hefty price for a premium pair of earbuds. I won't recommend them from my side for some reasons, even though they sound good, I believe that they're priced really high for what they deliver, but if the price is not an issue for you, then you can go ahead. 

My Rating:  3 out of 5

I would've rated them 4 out of 5 but I deducting one point for the hefty price, other than that they're good. Do let me know what you think about them in the comment section, also if you've tried them, do share your experience below. 

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