ION Audio Vinyl Motion Deluxe Record Player Review

Having a great record player means that you will always love the music output. It is the reason you need to check out this amazing record player. The next time you are looking to have a great time outdoors, and then you should definitely think about using this type of record player. It is among the top models you can get in the industry today. It is the reason it will never miss on the list of the top portable turntable. Let us get to learn more about it. 
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ION Audio Vinyl Motion Deluxe Record Player

Funky Retro Design

The retro design appeals to many people who are into using the classic record players. You can now be a proud owner of one and it does not always have to be boring. The manufacturer took more time to ensure that the design that comes up is one that lives up to the expectations of many people. 


The portability would not be complete unless there are some nice built-in speakers that help with making it possible to have a great time outdoors. The speakers of the model produce a great sound you can enjoy when playing the different records on the classic player. 

The manufacturer built the speakers to easily blend into the design and construction of the portable record player. Since they are placed on the front, it should be easy to listen to the music pointing where you want. 

With the RCA port, you can still connect the model to external speakers so that you end up having a great time listening to music in a louder and better speaker system

3-Speed Portable Suitcase-Style turntable 

One thing you will need to know is if the model actually plays your records. You do not want to end up with a model that cannot handle your favorite records. For this model, it is designed to play at 3 different speeds. The result is that you get to play the different types of records at a flip of a switch. The model easily plays the 33 and 45 speeds using the same stylus, but you will have to switch the stylus for the 78 RPM. Well, it is not a tough job, so you should get it done in no time. The manufacturer can easily throw in the 78 RPM stylus so long as you make a point of buying it. 

With the auto-stop tonearm, it ensures that the model never overruns at the end of the various records. 

Rechargeable Battery 

This should be one of the most important and best features of the portable turntable. Most of the manufacturers can say that their model is made to be portable, but will not come with features such as a rechargeable battery. 

This model is an ideal portable model that features a rechargeable battery for outdoor enjoyment. You will not have to hook it to the power at all times to get it working. Such a feature makes it one of the best things to have to picnics, BBQs, festivals and many others. There is no doubt that this should be the best portable classic record player while on the road. 

USB Connectivity 

As much as people would just love to have vintage record players, there is a chance that they will still get to miss out on the new technology. The manufacturer for this model made sure that there is nothing to miss thanks to bridging the old and new technologies for this model. One of the most important new technologies is the USB socket. 

The USB port is important to connect the different PCs to the player so that you can copy the music from your records. The manufacturer also sends you the computer software compatible with the classic player. This should be enough to help the user keep a backup of his favorite records on the PC. 

Unique styling 

For the best portable record player, you would want a model that is designed to be the best in appearance and functionality too. For this mode, the manufacturer made it easily portable. Once it is closed, it just looks like an attach case, no one will know you are actually carrying a record player and you open it. 

The model still has the built-in carry handle for additional portability. The metal reinforced corners are important for enhancing the durability of the model. The solid clasp makes the deck ideal for traveling all the time. There is also the snazzy red velvet liner that makes it look great whenever you get to open it. 

  • It has an impressive stylish briefcase design 
  • It delivers great sound quality 
  • It can play at three record speeds 
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery 

  • The speakers could use some improvement 
  • It is not easy getting used to for nontech-savvy users 


You can now enjoy playing your favorite records outdoors thanks to this portable record player. With its rechargeable battery, it could just be what you have been missing around the BBQs. Get one for yourself today to enjoy more. 

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