SERV'D App Review: An Easier Way to Manage Your Domestic Service Providers

In today's lifestyle, the Apps are leading us to a new & an easier life where you can perform multiple tasks just with a touch. Nowadays there is an app for literally everything, be it for Cashless transactions or for watching Live TV, you can do almost everything with an App & of course a smartphone. So since the world is up to such a feat, Why we still use old school verbal agreements & cash mode for hiring & paying our service providers? Isn't there an app for managing all this? Well, it's here now. SERV'D is a brand new platform which helps you in managing everything between you & your service provider and by a service provider, we mean; Housekeepers, Maids, Drivers, Cooks, Babysitters, Nannies etc. which normal household hires for their daily tasks. Today we'll look into this app and talk about its features & it's working.

serv'd app

As you guys know that I don't do much app reviews, that's true, but when I come across some app which is really interesting & revolutionary in a way, I make sure that it reaches the maximum number of people through this blog. SERV'D is one of such app, it revolutionizes the domestic help sector of India and also encourages them to make use of a Bank Account which in the long run is helpful for them and convenient for the employer since they're able to pay through online transaction. When the service providers make use of Bank account, they get a proper Bank statement with all their history, which in the long run is helpful for them. They can use it for applying for loans, simply for tracking their income etc. and this also improves their quality of living.

Features of SERV'D App

Let us take a look at the amazing features of the app. 

1. A Secure Vault for Sensitive DATA

SERV'D app comes with a Vault feature where you can securely store your service providers information. Here you can upload the identity documents like Aadhar Card of your service provider & they will get it verified for you. All you have to do is register your service providers phone number.

2. SERV'D Contract

People usually get into verbal agreements with their service providers & sometimes this leads to a dispute afterward, the providers might ask for more money or they can just refuse to do something which they agreed earlier etc. To avoid all this, SERV'D app comes with a Contract feature, you can create a Contract which will contain the Shift hours of the service provider, the Skills of the service provider, their Salary, Bonus etc. 

3.  Manage Attendance 

This feature helps you keep track of your service providers attendance, you don't have to keep all this in mind, there are instances where you forget all this. With SERV'D, the attendance can be tracked & managed easily.

4. Cashless Transactions

Since Demonetization in India, it is very difficult to make Cash payments, and the ATM queues are something which nobody wants to get trapped in, and since most people pay their service providers with Cash, it is very difficult to manage all this. Here SERV'D comes for rescue, using the app, you can pay your service providers through online transactions & it will automatically get remitted in your service providers Bank Account. Simple.

serv'd app

How Does this Work?

You can get the service providers who are already working for you onboard SERV'D , the steps to do that are very simple & self-explanatory. Once done, you can upload their Government identity document like Aadhar card on to the app for verification. 

serv'd app

The app is very easy to use & is well designed in terms of appearance. It offers multiple modes of payment and the money is directly transferred to the service providers Bank Account. The app generates an Invoice every time you make a payment, so you can keep track of all the invoices using the app and also view your entire history with that particular provider.
In other mobile wallets, both the parties (the sender & the receiver) needs to have a smartphone for it to work, and since most of the service providers can't afford or don't possess a smartphone, those apps don't work there. This is not the case with SERV'D app. SERV'D don't need the service provider to have a smartphone since all the communication with the service provider happens on SMS messaging & through the phone call. The bank transactions are notified by SMS message, so this makes it more convenient.


The App is available on Android & iOS platforms, you can download it from Google Play store or iOS app store, depending on the phone you're using. Below are the download links for both the platforms.

Final Thoughts

The day when I came across this app, there was something about it which was stuck in my mind, the concept of the app was really interesting one and that is What lead me into writing this review. The app is very easy to use & helps you manage a lot of things about your service providers. You can manage their attendance, their leaves, generate a full-fledged contract between both the parties with all information so that no dispute arises later. You can pay using online transactions etc. SERV'D serves the purposes of both the parties, it is convenient for the employer & beneficial for the employee.

For more information, Go to Serv'd website:


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