7 Essential SEO Trends To Stay Ahead In Ranking in 2017

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SEO is an ever-changing industry as the algorithm of Google changes from time to time. The algorithm in this month may not be similar to the next month. So, the SEO experts always need to stay on their toes for keeping themselves updated.

How to Stay Ahead in Ranking? 

1. User Engagement To Be Improved: 

The ranking is indirectly associated with the engagement of the users. The user engagement will include factors like the bounce rate, average time on the site, etc. It is essential as the users are responding to your calls to action. For improving the performance of your site, the user engagement can be considered as the important factor. You are required to analyze the number of total links that the page can accumulate by interacting with the users.

2. Use Videos: 

Videos can still play a major role in the rank improvement in the SEO industry. Studies say that if you include an engaging video on your website, the ranking of your page will definitely improve. Videos can sometimes speak more than words do. So, instead of content somewhere, you can add videos on your page.

3. Voice Search Function: 

In this busy world of multitasking, people may often opt for the voice search as it is safer, as well as, convenient for them. For example, this option can be very useful while driving. Even the online stores can go for the voice ordering system. It can be useful for the multi-taskers who can search while watching TV or cooking.

4. Bulk Mails: 

The ranking of your page can also improve through email marketing. When people start knowing about your company, they visit and revisit your site. You can take help of the bulk mailer Mumbai to know the right process of the email marketing.

5. Optimization Of  Mobile Apps: 

Just as the email marketing, the mobile market is also huge in the SEO sector. The mobile users can be provided with better search experiences so that your site can be easily reached to them. If you can provide improved loading experience with great speed, you will surely be successful in retaining the customers. Instead of focusing only on the organic search of Google, the Google Play or App Store should also be considered. While optimizing the mobile apps, the marketers should always keep this factor in mind.

6. Rich Answer Optimization: 

When you search for some keywords, rich answers usually appears at the topmost part even before the rank 1 starts. So, there are some steps by which you can easily enter into the Box of Google’s Rich Answer.

  • For the query, you should rank yourself in a proper manner
  • Begin your sentences with commanding words
  • Mention a clear and simple heading
  • Try to keep the sections short and use the tags <li>

You should also keep an eye on the other features of Google to make yourself visible. Features like, the ‘Related Questions’ or the ‘Featured Snippets’ can attract a huge number of audience.

7. Social Content: 

In the SERP, the social content from the Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook are directly linked with the ranking. More and more social content is getting indexed by Google and, therefore, creating an effect on the ranking.

Though the SEO trends are frequently changing, the above-mentioned suggestions can really play a dominating factor in the SEO industry. Though some of them may get extinct in the coming years, most of them can be useful. If you can follow these tips as the SEO marketer, the beginning of 2017 will surely be great for you.

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About Author: Walter Moore is a popular SEO expert who works in GingerDomain.com. In this article, he is providing some essential SEO tips for staying ahead in the ranking.


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