Chillx : All-In-One Multi-Lingual Entertainment App Launched by FunOnGo

Reliance Entertainment, led by Anil Ambani, invested in a new Digital Media company, FunOnGo Media & Entertainment LLP. Founded by Vijay Singh and Ujjwal Narayan, FunOnGo is a new age media company which recently launched it's the first app in the entertainment category. This new All-In-One Multi-lingual Android app is called 'Chillx' - It is a complete entertainment based platform which enables users to choose from different languages, entertainment formats, genres as well as payment mechanisms. According to FunOnGo, Chillx is a digital entertainment departmental store that contains a mix of games, music, viral videos & clips, entertainment news, short films & full-length movies etc, under one roof. 
The unique thing about Chillx is that its content is available across major Indian regional languages like Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati etc. It contains an exhaustive games section, with several premium games available on a try and buy basis. The portal also lists and recommends apps for Indian users depending upon their usage habits.


Features of Chillx App
  • Accessibility: Chillx is being distributed in three ways; The first one being On Device with select OEM's, FunOnGo has joined hands with a few OEM's and the app will come pre-installed on the devices. Secondly, side loaded at telecom retail stores. The final way is via Google Play Store. 
  • Connectivity: Chillx offers both online streaming and download options. This is good for people who commute a lot, they can download content when in Wi-Fi network area, and view it later on while commuting when there is no Data connection.
  • Usability: Convenience to customize the User Interface in multiple Indian languages.
  • Simplicity:  Free and Premium content is available on Chillx. For paid content Chillx has integrated telecom billing option ease of operation. 

On the occasion of the launch of Chillx, Sweta Agnihotri, CEO, Content Syndication, Reliance Entertainment said;
"While Apps downloaded are mostly in line with global popularity, interest in content consumption in regional language is high. We see smart phone screen as a fantastic gateway to the consumer and our cross functional team will leverage its understanding of content and industry relationships to amplify value offering to the consumer.”
- Sweta Agnihotri
Vijay Singh, CEO, FunOnGo Media & Entertainment LLP said;
“This endeavor allows us to widen the scope of consumer engagement on a scale that is possible only when you are a part of  India’s leading entertainment conglomerate like Reliance Entertainment.”
- Vijay Singh, CEO, FunOnGo
Shibasish Sarkar, Chief Operating Officer, Reliance Entertainment said: 
“Digital platforms are encouraging a wider audience with diverse consumption patterns, we recognize that this calls for an innovative approach in the manner we produce and present our content. The launch of Chillx is in line with our business vision.”
- Shibasish Sarkar, COO, Reliance Entertainment
Chillx is an interesting & new addition to the Entertainment category, it supports multiple regional languages & content in different languages. You can download the app from Google Play Store, currently it is only available for Android, but an iOS version will launch in about three months, according to Chillx. Do let us know what you think about this new app in the comment section.


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