Celframe Launched in India: Best Alternative Office Software Suite

You may have not have heard about Celframe in India, but it is an office product developed by an Indian, based in Malaysia. Mr. Arun Pudur. He started Celframe in 1998 and came up with products like Write, Spreadsheet, Presentation and other office applications. They also have products like Celframe Security and Celframe CRM. But for now, our focus is on Celframe office. Celframe has proven itself in many other countries and has now entered the Indian market by joining hands with Cygen Infotech.
Cygen Infotech is an Indian start-up and will be distributing Celframe products for home and office use. We were among the first blogger groups that got a chance to interact with the Co-founders Prakash Krishnan and Sripad Murthy. In a 90 minute long conversation with them, we discovered that Celframe might be the product that can perhaps bridge the gap in the available options office suites. 

Celframe Suite: Best Alternative for Office Products

Celframe office includes a Word document creator called Celframe write, an excel sheet document called Celframe Spreadsheet and a Slide Show creator with several other office products. What is interesting to know is the cost of the license fee that these guys have brought down tremendously. Considering the layout of all products which is similar to the ones we already use, the cost factor works in favor of Celframe. Celframe Write has every tool that we use in the current word documents and looks very similar. Therefore, we did not need to go through too many tutorial videos before using it. Though, you may need to figure out the location of some of its features which can take a little time. But once you start using Celframe, you get hooked and accustomed to all the features quickly.
Celframe Suite:  Presentation Software

They have added some features on the right click. You can change the font, alignment, line spacing, style etc with just one click. But what they missed out on is the Synonyms that Microsoft Word suggests. The Celframe Spreadsheet and the presentation creator looks familiar too and works smooth. All the Celframe products have no issues with creating, editing or saving documents. It supports .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files. One of the best features is that you can now directly save a Write document as a PDF by selecting the Export as PDF option. 
Celframe Suite: Spreadsheet Software

To make the opening of documents convenient, you can keep the Celframe Office launcher in the corner of your desktop screen and finish your job at hand quickly. 

Sripad and Prakash also mentioned to us about the distributor network that they will be establishing in India to make Celframe easily available. They are also in talks with some of the big brands for the use of Celframe products in the corporate world. Globally, around 50 of the Fortune 500 companies are already using the software. With India taking the Digital route, the entry of Celframe may become the perfect choice that was missing for years. 


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