Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Headphones Review : Power Packed Output with Amazing Built Quality

People who are close to me know that I'm a complete audiophile and love trying & collecting high-quality earphones & audio equipment, apart from that I'm also a musician, so yeah. Keeping that aside, that was just to you guys an idea about my obsession with earphones. So coming to the point, I heard about Brainwavz a couple of years ago, and since then I was really interested in trying them & probably do a review, but I never got a chance to do that. Better late than never, Last week Brainwavz sent me their new IEM's Brainwavz M2, which are successors of their popular Brainwavz M1 earphones. So this was my shot at trying them, and believe me, for a week I kept using them in and on for a couple of hours every day (I ignored my primary IEM's) and throughout the week, I didn't use anything else but Brainwavz M2. When I realized that I have used them enough & have a verdict, I decided to write a detailed but to the point review. Here we go.


Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Monitor Headphones

Unboxing Brainwavz M2

Starting with the fact that Brainwavz M2 has improved a lot as compared to Brainwavz M1 (this is the opinion of an M1 user), It is better in terms of built quality, overall sound & durability. It comes in a nice compact box which holds M2's & some basic accessories. Below is an Unboxing video which we uploaded to our YouTube channel, you can have a look if you want to see the packaging & what stuff comes with it. Also do Subscribe to the channel, if you haven't, as we keep on posting such videos.

For the record, Brainwavz M2 box contains a nice Hard carrying case, which further contains a Warranty card cum User Manual, a Shirt Clip & Six pairs of Silicone Ear Tips, including a pair of Bi-Flange Ear tips. There's also a pair of Comply Foam Tips which are excellent for noise isolation & are made of memory foam for comfortable fit.

Technical Specifications

This section is for those who like technical information, here is the complete list of specifications & other information (as mentioned on the retail box).

  • Brainwavz M2 have a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • It Features 10.7 mm Dynamic Drivers.
  • Rated Impedance of 20 ohms.
  • Comes with 1.3 meter Tangle Free Y-Cord.
  • 3.5 mm Gold Plated L-Shaped Audio Jack (45 degrees).
  • Oxygen Free, Silver Plated Cable.
  • Input Power of 10 mW and Sensitivity range of 115 dB at 1 mW.

Built Quality & Design

As soon as you take them out of the box and have a look the ear buds, you'll notice that they have a premium built with metal housing & twisted tangle free cable. The Brainwavz M2 IEM's are extremely lightweight, which in my opinion is a plus point for these IEM's. There is no microphone and the 3.5 mm audio jack is gold plated as well as angled at 45 degrees, which In my opinion is the perfect angle. The overall design looks minimal but is very durable according to me. The ear buds have proper L & R markings on the back which are clearly visible & comes with medium sized silicone tips already installed out-of-the-box.
Metal construction, Premium Looks

Overall the design is premium & good looking. The IEM's are really light & durable.

Audio Quality

Coming to the most important part of this review, the Audio Quality. Since this was my first ever Brainwavz earphone experience, I was very excited & skeptical at the same time. To ensure that I can test them at their uppermost limit, I used high-quality MP3 files of 320 kbps & Lossless audio formats like FLAC & WAV. For mobile listening, I used Power Amp music player & tweaked settings every now and then to see their extreme capability. For computer, I used iTunes player & VLC Audio player. I also tested these earphones on Apple iPod, iPhone & Sony MP3 Player. All this went for a week & finally I had my results.


Brainwavz M2 has overall balance sound with amazing Vocals & detailed Bass. When listening to music, you can easily distinguish between different instruments & sounds which is not possible to do on regular earphones. At first, when I plugged the earphones in & was using default music player, the Bass seemed average but the vocals were still great. Switching to Poweramp player & tweaking the equalizer & some other settings, the Bass experience improved drastically, even at full potential, the Bass wasn't that punchy & thumping as I expected but still it was balanced. Here I feel that Equalizer plays an important role in unleashing it's true potential, a properly configured equalizer can improve your listening experience drastically. I would recommend using third-party music players like Poweramp etc. when using Brainwavz M2, as it really improves the experience. The mids are really good on these ear buds, however the treble is decent.


Coming to Noise Isolation, Brainwavz M2 are really good at Noise Isolation, I was happy with the default medium size ear tips as it completely blocked my ears & eliminated unwanted sounds. It is really important that you have proper ear tips installed for noise isolation, depending on your ears, you can change the size of ear tips to the one which perfectly fits your ears. Brainwavz M2 comes with 6 pairs of different size ear tips. Also I was really impressed with Comply Foam tips which came inside the box, they're really comfortable & did a great job of isolating the noise.

Just for a comparison, Brainwavz M2 sound way better than the predecessor M1 earphones, the audio quality has improved a lot (I asked a friend who is a regular Brainwavz M1 user) - so this was the comparison part. 
Brainwavz M2 Box contents; Ear Tips, Documentation, Hard Carrying Case & Earphones

Warranty & Price

Apart from awesome sound quality & design, Brainwavz M2 comes with Two Year Warranty, Yes, you've read it right, You get 24 Months Warranty on M2's, make sure you fill the warranty card supplied inside at the time of purchase.

Brainwavz M2 are Priced at Rs.3,499
Available for purchase at Amazon India.

The Verdict

Overall, after using Brainwavz M2 for more than a week with hours of testing with different devices & music players, I can say that they're really good for the price. They have a balanced sound with clear vocals, detailed Bass & amazing mids. The bass is good for overall listening, however I feel that Bass heads won't enjoy much when using these earphones. These IEM's are perfect for everyday user who is looking for a High-quality earphones for good music experience. People who are into pop, country, soft rock, Hip-hop & electronic music will love them. People who are into Rock music will also enjoy these earphones. Overall when it comes to sound quality, Brainwavz M2 are perfect for day-to-day listening. 
3.5mm jack
The Gold Plated, L-Shaped 3.5 mm Jack

The Tangle free cable does its job well as it easily untangles the earphones when you take them out of the case, but many times when using the earphones the cable, instead of staying straight, turns into a spiral form and makes it difficult to manage, which I feel is annoying & disappointing for a tangle free cable. I would've preferred a flat cable with rubber coating or a serrated flat cable like we see in Sony Extra Bass earphones. Another disappointment was obviously the lack of microphone & in-line remote. Most of you will agree that Mic & In-line remote really helps when listening to music, as it enables you to Play/Pause/Skip tracks without taking your phone out, also it helps when you have to take a call or reject it. 

My Rating : 3.5 out of 5

Overall I'm impressed with the quality & performance of Brainwavz M2, there were a few things which I would like Brainwavz to improve in their next M-series IEM's but till then, if we avoid some small things, M2's are really worth the price & I would recommend these to people who are looking for a high-quality In-ear headphones with balanced sound, decent bass & overall good music experience across the genres.


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