BookMyShow Launched Its New Android App with New Design & Features

The leading online entertainment ticket booking app in India, BookMyShow, today in Mumbai, launched it's new Android app with new features, design & lot of improvements. The new update makes the app more interactive, appealing & easy to use. It comes with amazing new features which according to them will take your user experience to a whole new level. The 5.0.7 version of the BookMyShow Android app is available on Google Play store for downloading. We were present at the launch, where Anish Tripathi, VP, Product Design at BookMyShow, walked us through the new app & explained it's new features. 


List of New Features of BookMyShow App

1.  Multi-lingual: The new BookMyShow app supports multiple regional languages; In addition to the default English language, users can now discover entertainment options in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Kannada languages.


2.  Easier to Discover: The new app makes discoverability a lot simpler than before. The users can now filter their preferred movies by language or by cinema. You can even browse movies by cinema.

3.  Mini Map Feature: In the 'Choose a Seat' section for movies or for events, you can find Mini Maps which will give a user a birds’ eye view of the full layout of the premises.

4.  Faster checkouts: The new app, keeping Ticket booking simple & linear, drastically reduces the steps required to book a ticket. While booking a movie ticket, users will be able to choose from different categories and price points within the same screen.

5.  BMS Wallet: BookMyShow’s MyWallet will now let users do so much more. You can use the new Split Tickets feature to instantly share tickets with the entire movie going group. You can even Split the Cost using an inbuilt feature, and it will do the math for you and split the cost between all the movie goers. They can pay for their share instantly using My Wallet.

6.  Just For You Section: BookMyShow has introduced a ‘Just For You’ section. The new app learns from the users’ past purchase behavior, understands their choices and the recommendation engine then springs into action to personalized suggest relevant entertainment options 

Just For You section and F&B section

7.  Food & Beverage: The new app allows users to pre-book their Food & Beverages at their own convenience even after successfully completing a movie ticket transaction on BookMyShow.

8.  Coming soon section: This section contains movies which are set release in future. You can filter them using the filters provided, for better search results.

These new features will definitely improve your movie ticketing experience. The new app, keeping the layout similar, sports a new design with new color scheme & appealing sections. Just take a look at the screenshots.

Mr.Anish Tripathi, VP, Product Design (BookMyShow) shared his thoughts;
“BookMyShow is obsessed with getting better and adding new features that are relevant to our users. When we decided to make so many new additions, we were cognizant of the booking process getting complicated or the app looking too heavy and cluttered. This is why we decided to completely rebuild the app from the start, give it a total facelift while making sure that it is designed to gradually influence interaction  behaviour on our platform.”
- Anish Tripathi, VP, Product Design.
He further added;
“The new app is fully loaded with never before features. A lot of these are a direct result of user feedback that we have received over a period of time. We have added more native advertising space in the app which is far more impactful yet non-intrusive. At the back end, the app architecture has been kept flexible to enable us to keep adding more features to it in the future."         - Anish Tripathi
Availability of New App

The new BookMyShow app has been rolled out already, you can download or update your current app. The new app is currently available only for Android users and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The iOS version of the new app will be launched soon, said Anish Tripathi at the launch event.


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