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A few days ago, I posted my review for Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Monitor Headphones on this blog, they were good but if we see from a price point of view, it was a bit on the upper side for an average youngster or user, keeping that in mind, today I'll be reviewing a budget friendly earphone model which came out recently. Earphone manufacturer Boat recently launched BassHeads 225 Rock On 2 Special Edition In-Ear Headphones, which came with the Extra bass tag. Boat BassHeads 225 earphones are priced at Rs.699 and come with a great metal built quality, tangle free cable & extra bassy output. I've personally tested this earphone for two weeks and today I'll be reviewing them.

boat bassheads 225

Boat BassHeads 225 In-Ear Headphones

Unboxing Brainwavz M2

This was my first time using Boat product and I was really excited to unbox it. Boat BassHeads 225 came in a nice small box with Rock On 2 poster front, the sides had Boat branding with their tagline 'Plug into Nirvana' which raised my excitement. The box contained Boat BassHeads 225 earphones, 5 pairs of different sized ear tips, a shirt clip and a pair of ear hooks. The earphones itself come with a medium size ear tips installed. That's pretty much it, there's nothing else in the box, I was hoping to find a carry pouch but we can't complain at this price.

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Technical Specifications

Here's the technical information of Boat BassHeads 225 In-Ear Headphones. The information provided below is as per the manufacturer.

  • Boat BassHeads 225 have a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • It Features 10 mm drivers.
  • Rated Impedance of 16 ohms.
  • Comes with 1.2 meter Flat Tangle Free Cable.
  • 3.5 mm Gold-Plated L-Shaped Audio Jack (90 degrees).
  • Sensitivity : 98 dB+/-3 dB.

Built Quality & Design

I was not expecting metal built at this price range but to my surprise, Boat BassHeads 225 are fully made up of metal. It has a diagonal grid-like texture on the buds which feels amazing on touch. The metal construction gives Boat BassHeads 225 a premium feel & attractive appearance. The cable used by Boat on BassHeads 225 is Flat with rubberized coating, it is a tangle-free cable & does it's job well by decreasing the chances of the cable tangling. Despite the metal construction, Boat BassHeads 225 are very lightweight & comes with a microphone & L-Shaped 3.5 mm audio jack which is again made up of metal. Overall the built quality is excellent for the price & seems very durable. The ear buds have proper L & R labels and are clearly visible. Boat BassHeads 225 comes with medium sized silicone tips already installed out-of-the-box.

boat bassheads 225

Audio Quality

To ensure that I can test the BassHeads 225 at their uppermost limit, I used high-quality MP3 files of 320 kbps & Lossless audio formats like FLAC & WAV. For smartphone listening, I used Poweramp music player & tweaked settings every now and then to see their extreme capability. For the computer, I used iTunes player & VLC Audio player. I also tested these earphones on Apple iPod, iPhone & Sony MP3 Player. All this went for more than 10 days & finally, I had my results.

Boat BassHeads 225 promised what they claimed, they really are very bassy as compared to others. During my tests with them, I found that the audio quality is very good for the price, the bass output is amazing and overpowers the vocals by default, by tweaking the equalizer settings a bit, I saw a good level of improvement in the vocals, they were clearer than before but overall average. The treble was again very good, the high-frequency sounds were clear & pleasant to ears. The mids were average but overall the audio experience on Boat BassHeads 225 was decent. When listening to music, the overall sound quality is amazing, you can easily distinguish between different instruments & sounds which is a good thing for extra bassy headphones.

boat bassheads 225

Noise Isolation & Comfort

When it comes to Noise Isolation, Boat BassHeads 225 are very good at it, They come with medium sized ear tip pre-installed which seemed perfect for my ears, once the earphones are on, I wasn't able to hear outside noise, they sealed my ears completely & delivered an immersive experience. Make sure that you have the right pair of ear tips on for better noise isolation & comfort. Overall Boat BassHeads 225 are comfortable but they seem a bit stiff & somewhat awkward when used for longer periods. Since the housing is made up of metal, you may find them popping out every now & then when used during running, jogging or any other sport or physical activity, this didn't happen as often for me but for a friend, they keep popping out every now & then while running (maybe the shape of ears has something to do with it), An easy solution to this will be using the Ear Hooks which came along with it. When using BassHeads 225 with Ear Hooks, they were a bit uncomfortable initially, but as I got used to them, they were fine, plus this stopped popping issue since the hooks keep a hold on them.


Flat Cable & Microphone

The cable is great, I personally prefer flat cables and this earphone come with a perfect flat cable which is tangle free & comes with a rubberized coating. The cable does its job well. The microphone is again exceptionally good, it records voice with clarity with less to no disturbance or background noise. During calls, the person on the other end can clearly hear the voice with no background disturbance. There is one button on the microphone which helps to pick up/reject calls on the go, without taking your phone out. It can also be used to control music, which is again a good to see in a budget friendly earphone like Boat BassHeads 225.

Warranty & Price

Boat BassHeads 225 comes with standard One Year Warranty, so make sure you keep the purchase invoice safe, in case you need it for warranty.

Boat BassHeads 225 are Priced at Rs.699
Available for purchase at Amazon India.
3.5mm jack boat bassheads 225
L-Shaped Gold Plated 3.5 mm Jack in Metal Housing

Final Thoughts!

I've personally used Boat BassHeads 225 In-Ear Headphones for more than two weeks (average daily two hours of listening) before writing this review and I'm pretty much impressed with them. I'm personally a fan of Extra Bass IEM's and currently, my primary IEM is Sony MDR-XB50AP which again falls under Extra Bass category. Comparing Sony MDR-XB50AP with Boat BassHeads 225 will be unfair since there is a big price difference between both of them, but I would still like to add that BassHeads 225 did a great job and didn't disappoint me, obviously it doesn't stand a chance in front of Sony MDR-XB50AP but still looking at the price of BassHeads 225 & the quality they offer, I was really very impressed. 

Boat BassHeads 225 turned out to be exceptional earphones, after testing them for more than two weeks with different devices & music players, I can say that they're amazing for the price, a pure steal deal. The bass output is amazing and is very intense, I'll recommend using correct size ear tips & good quality music player like Poweramp (Android) for better bass output. The treble is good & vocals are average, somewhere I feel that bass overpowers the vocals, but by tweaking the equalizer a bit you can achieve better results. The mids are again average. 

My Rating : 4 out of 5

The Verdict

Taking everything into account, overall I'm very impressed with Boat BassHeads 225. The Built quality is amazing, the performance is exceptionally good with powerful bass & good overall soundstage. Tweaking the equalizer a bit can bring drastic improvements to other areas like vocals, mids & highs. Overall the vocal & highs are good & mids are average but still good for the price. I'll recommend these IEM's to bass lovers & budget-conscious people who are looking for high quality & durable earphones at a reasonable price. Genres like EDM, Rock, Hip-Hop sound really great on them. Boat BassHeads 225 justify the price they come for, the results are very good as compared to other earphones in same price range. 

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