Videotex Partners with Usha Shriram to Manufacture & Market LED TVs & Multimedia Speakers

Videotex International Private Limited recently announced their plans to enter into LED TVs market in India, they have now revealed that they are partnering with Usha Shriram Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. popularly known as USHA, is a reputed company and has earned its reputation over the decades of building quality and innovative products. They have been marketing products including Water Purification, Lighting and Cookware among others under the brand name Usha. Under this partnership, Videotex International will look over manufacturing, sales, marketing & servicing under USHA SHRIRAM brand as an initiative of Digital India. The LED TVs hence produced through this joint venture will be Made in India products.

Mr. Satnam Sandhu, Sr. Vice President, Usha Shriram, commenting on this partnership, said;
“Videotex International Pvt. Ltd is a 32 year old, premier LED Television ODM Company that manufactures for a majority of leading brands in the Indian market. The company has well established and fully functional automated manufacturing facilities. Videotex International is regarded as one of the most experienced players in Television Industry manufacturing LED TVs and other electronic products for many brands. Usha Shriram is proud to be associated with Videotex International for manufacturing, sales and marketing of LED TVs and Multimedia Speakers in India”
Mr. Vinay Bajaj, Founder, Videotex International Pvt. Ltd, on this occasion, said;
“This association with Usha Shriram is an integral part of our go-to-market strategy. Our aim is to catapult the television technology industry to the next pedestal of aestheticism, bravura and functionality and the logical move was to partner with Usha Shriram’s premier business unit for LED TVs and Multimedia speakers. Our endeavour would be to push this expensive product line through aggressive pricing models which is in line with our commitment in providing the best value for money to our customers. The partnership will also help us to compete well with other contemporary brands in the market and assist us in adding more resources to our already existing talent bank.”
Videotex International always focuses on innovations. All its products are the combination of latest technology and extraordinary features. Its strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been recognized.


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