Things You Must Know About Power Banks & Their Batteries

When talking about mobile accessories, power banks have become something unforgettable entity. This is mainly because of the strong features that smartphones are having these days, as they need heavy power to handle those functions and battery gets no longer than few hours. This why the power banks are required mostly. The power banks range mostly from 2000mAh to 20000mAh capacity.


The total capacity given in terms of mAh are not the exact amount for the charging of the phones. As in the case of 10000 mAh power bank you cannot charge the phones of capacity 2000mAh in 5 times. This capacity depends on many factors and not exact.

Types of Power bank batteries :

1)  The battery of the smartphones works best when it is new but it becomes weaker with the age and charging cycles. Power bank batteries are very similar to the smartphone batteries that are not consistent with health. The reduction in capacity of charging is normal if you use regularly.

2)  It is most important to know about the power bank before you opt for buying one. The Power bank batteries are commonly two types and available in these two forms globally. These batteries are made in china and known as Li-ion power bank and Li-polymer power bank.

3)  The Li-ion batteries are cheaper and available mostly in the market. It is mostly because of their cheapness and fixed sizes. There are many disadvantages of Li-ion batteries as they discharge fast, less durable and produce more heat. But the Li-polymer batteries are not available easily and are so expensive.

4)  There is one more difference that Li-ion batteries use liquid electrolyte while the Li-polymer power banks use solid electrolyte. This is a major plus point for Li-polymer batteries as they are best in the case of no leakage due to overheating.

Things you must know about Power Banks :

1)  When a power bank gets discharge totally, it should be charged as soon as possible because this can be a cause of the reduction in lifespan of the power bank battery.

2)  There are many factors that affects the charging of the power banks like sometimes when you charge the power banks it takes only a few hours but sometimes it can take much time as much as a half of the day. These parameters can be temperature, power flow from socket and battery health.

3)  In case you use the power banks only for specific purposes like while on traveling only then, it is badly needed to charge it totally and then discharge it once in a month to keep the power bank in active state.

4)  There are calculations for the number of time a phone can be charged by the power banks, but these calculations can be altered with some aspects also. Like if you are charging your phones while gaming or watching movies then the calculations can be wrong, it is simply because in these cases the phones battery is in constant use and will take a lot of time to charge and so that the effect on the power bank.


You can use a formula to calculate about how many times you can charge your phones via a power bank. You will have always an approximate value of the phone charge like how many times it can be fully charged via the power bank. There is a big difference between the text mentioned on the box of the power bank and the actual capacity of the batteries of the power bank.

Well, these are some basic things that anyone must know before going to purchase the power bank for their smartphones.

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