SADES Spirit Wolf 3.5mm Wired Gaming Headset 2016 Review

Planning to get the latest SADES Spirit Wolf for your gaming hobby? Read this review to learn more before buying! Every modern gamer would certainly want to have in hand nothing but the best accessories that can intensify the level of their gaming experience. Aside from the actual games, and the equipment in which the game is being played on, accessories are also highly coveted. Among such accessories are headsets.


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Imagine yourself playing your favorite game. The video is great, your skill is amazing, and everything else seem fine but you cannot just figure out why you are not completely enjoying the experience. For all you know, it may just be the quality of sound.

All modern games are designed to provide gamers amazing overall gaming experience. This includes making sure that sound effects captivate the emotion and the reaction of the person behind the control. With a low quality headset, this may be impossible to achieve. 

The good news is that, with the introduction of SADES Spirit Wolf 3.5 mm Wired Gaming Headset, you can now take your gaming to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this headset, and see whether or not it is for you!

SADES Spirit Wolf Headset : Features

The SADES Spirit Wolf 3.5 mm Wired Gaming Headset is 2016’s latest surprise to the gaming world. It comes with several features that every gamer would love, including a clearer sound, strong bass, as well as acoustic positioning precision. With these features, it will seem that you are inside the game, feeling the full force of every explosion. 

LED Lights

It also comes with glaring LED lights which are designed to fit the ear-cups and the microphone, thus highlighting the entire atmosphere of the game. Aside from seeing and listening to what is inside the game, you can also see your very own headphones flashing the LED lights, making the experience a whole lot better. 

Soft Comfortable Material

You can also expect complete convenience and comfortable fit with this model. As a matter of fact, with the SADES Spirit Wolf 3.5 mm Wired Gaming Headset, all of the contact points come complete in soft, yet highly durable materials. It also uses an updated memory foam on each of the ear-cups, keeping you comfortable even if you might have to wear it for a long period of time. 

Volume Controls

The line of this headset model also has a rotary volume controller, as well as one-key microphone mute, making it more convenient to use. At the same time, the gaming mic in this SADES headphone is durable and highly sensitive. It is well-grounded and crystal clear so that it does not crackle while you are adjusting it. 

Compatible Across Devices

In terms of compatibility, this headset works well with laptop, PC and computer. This means that even though you may not use it in your main gaming equipment, you can also use this headphone while listening to your favorite music, or watching your favorite movie on your gadget or mobile device. It offers the same quality of sound across different devices. 

Noise Isolation

Another feature has something to do with its noise isolating capability. It comes with updated closed ear-cups design. Also, its plug-and-play can cover the entire ear, cutting out external sound really effectively, minus the other irritating effects that might be expected with other headsets. 


Aside from the quality of sound you hear from inside, this headset also comes equipped with a high quality, very sensitive microphone. This means that you can use it especially if you are playing a game that requires voice input. This can also turn out to be a good option for those who need a headset for a job that requires them to use a high performing microphone. 

Conclusion : Is It for You?

Whether you are a gamer, or an avid listener to music, you will certainly find the SADES Spirit Wolf 3.5 mm Wired Gaming Headset very attractive. Aside from the features that are mentioned above, as a product recently introduced, you are assured of the latest technology used behind the manufacturing of this model. 

Primarily designed for gamers at heart, the SADES Spirit Wolf 3.5 mm Wired Gaming Headset can certainly take your gaming experience to a level higher. On top of that, by using an online professional sound technology, this headset can effectively deal with background noise, removing it for your benefit. 

Most importantly, it can give you comfort that you need. If you do gaming for an extended period of time, it would be annoying on your part to feel burdened by the type of headset that you are wearing. This is not a problem should you choose the SADES Spirit Wolf 3.5 mm Wired Gaming Headset. It is also skin-friendly, which means that you will not have to deal with any possible problem later on.

Overall, this headset is one that will take your gaming experience a notch higher.

About Author: I’m Anh Vu who has worked in the IT field and sound technology industry for 5 years now. Today, I am an affiliate blogger who likes to educate my audience more about sound technology. Visit to Best Affordable Headphones Center to find the headphone that you need.

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