Ridlr App Review : A Revolutionary App for Public Transport Commuters

Hello Guys, We're back with another app review, the last one which we did was an Expenses Manager app, check it out here. Today we're going check out an app which can make your daily commuting easy, so without wasting time, lets jump straight into it.


We all use Public Transport for commuting on daily basis, don't we? Of course we do, at least I do. One of the advantages of Public transport is that it is cheaper than a cab or any other means, plus it is convenient for long routes, as it saves a lot of money. But all that glitters is not gold, Public transport has its own set of disadvantages too. When it comes to public transport, we all have to deal with crowded places & long queues for tickets. What if I tell you that there is a way which can make your daily commuting easy & eliminate the hassle of standing in queues for renewing public transport passes or buying tickets? Well, I'm not joking, Ridlr can do all that.

What is Ridlr?

Ridlr is a new revolutionary app which can make your daily commuting a piece of cake. It is basically a Public Transport, Ticketing & Commuting app, which is currently available in 24 cities. This app is useful for travel in Buses, Trains, Metro & Monorail. Developed by Birds Eye Systems, which was founded by Mr.Brijraj Vaghani & Mr.Ravi Khemani in 2009. Ridlr can be used to book BEST bus tickets, renew BEST bus passes, Recharge Reliance Mumbai Metro Smart Card, NMMT bus ticketing etc. It also provides information like Mumbai Local Timetable, Train routes, Traffic updates & other useful information. Lets take a look the features in detail.



Quickly jumping to the features, this will prove why Ridlr is the best app for commuters. Below is the complete list of features.
  • BEST Ticketing & Pass Renew: Ridlr can be used for booking BEST bus tickets (AC buses only at the moment) & for renewing monthly BEST bus passes. Hassle free ticketing & pass renewals, without standing in queues.
  • Reliance Mumbai Metro Smart Card Recharge: This says it all, you can recharge Reliance Mumbai metro smart card using Ridlr app, in a few easy steps.
  • NMMT Ticketing: Book NMMT bus tickets with Ridlr app (route no. 123 & 125) 
  • Mumbai Local Train Timetable & Routes: Mumbai Local Train Routes & Timetable across Western, Central & Harbour lines.
  • Live updates on Incidents, Delays, Cancellations with Mega Block information.
  • Real Time Traffic Status.
  • Parking Information.

According to the CEO, Ridlr is working to bring more agencies on board & to expand it across other cities. Ridlr is a smart commuting app, It tells you where the next bus, train, metro or monorail will arrive so that you can plan your journey accordingly. It also shows you nearest Bus stop, railway station etc.

Partnership with BEST Buses 

Ridlr partnered with BEST buses this month, which means that BEST commuters can now easily buy a ticket using the app & pay using mobile wallet. The commuters can also renew their monthly bus pass using the app, without standing in the queue every month. After Local Trains, BEST is the lifeline of Mumbai with huge number of passengers every day. BEST, in order to make commuting hassle free, coupled with Ridlr and made them their official online ticketing partner. At the moment, commuters can only book tickets on BEST AC buses using the app, they can also renew monthly bus pass. Early adopters will be get cashback offers in their wallet. At the moment, you can only book tickets for BEST AC Buses, but soon this will be enabled across all BEST buses, along with daily bus pass renewal. 


How to Book a Ticket Using Ridlr App

In case you're wondering, here is a quick step-by-step guide which will help you in that. To begin, you'll need to app on your phone, so go ahead and download it from Google Play store. Once installed, create your own Ridlr Profile and add your wallet.

Buying a ticket on Ridlr:

- Enter the Bus number.
- Enter start & destination stops, and select No. of tickets and tap on 'Confirm details'
- Select your payment method, and tap on 'Get token'
- Once you receive the token, you're good to go.
- Once on the Bus, share the token with the Conductor.
- Using the token, conductor will validate your ticket request
- Once approved, you will receive the paper ticket
- Quite Easily Done!

Remember to collect the paper ticket from the conductor and keep it with you till the trip ends. Payment will be automatically made through your wallet. Make sure you have sufficient balance in your wallet to buy the ticket.

Renew Physical Bus Pass using Ridlr:

- Enter your 14-digit pass number
- Select Pass duration
- Select your payment option and pay the renewal charges
- Post successful payment, validate your Pass with the conductor within 3 days.
- Conductor will validate your pass.

Cities Covered by Ridlr

At the moment, Ridlr covers 24 cities of India which include; Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Chandigarh etc. They are expanding really fast and soon will cover other cities as well.

Agencies Covered By Ridlr
  • Mumbai (BEST, TMT, NMMT, KDMT, MBMT, Western, Central & Harbour, Trans Harbour Railway, Reliance Mumbai Metro, Monorail)
  • Bangalore (BMTC,Bangalore Metro)
  • New Dehli (DTC, Dehli Metro, Rapid Metro)
  • Pune (PMPML, Local Train)
  • Chennai (Shouthren Railways, MTC Bus)
  • Chandigarh (CTU)
  • Jaipur (JCTSL)
  • Ahmedabad (AMTS, Janmarg BRTS)

Download Ridlr

If you've read all the stuff I've written above, you must have been curious to try it out yourself. Well, go ahead and download Ridlr from the below given link & let me know your experience in the comments section.

Google Play Store (Android)

The app is only available for Android at the moment, but I feel that they'll soon launch an iOS app, just wait until that happens. Android users, you're in for a treat.


I really loved the concept of Ridlr & congratulate the team behind it for bringing such an app into existence. I did tested it for a week & can say that it's not perfect but is coming close to it step-by-step, for now you can only book BEST AC bus tickets & renew monthly passes, but soon you'll be able to book tickets across all BEST buses. Apart from ticketing, this app also gives out useful information like Mega Block details & location, lines affected by Mega Block etc, It helps you locate nearest Bus Stop, Metro Station, Railway Station, Monorail station etc. It also provides Real time traffic updates & other info. In short, it is a must have app for commuters. I hope you liked my review, do let me know in the comments.


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