India's First Property Experience Center Will Make Your Realty Search a Bliss

Buying a house which you can call home is the number one dream of every common man, for some this is a matter of days, while for other it takes a lifetime to fulfill this dream, so when it matters so much to you, Why compromise with it? I'm fully aware of the fact that the process of buying a new property is very daunting & time-consuming, and even after giving in so much, sometimes you end up buying something which doesn't satisfy you, so is it right? Why has it to be like this? Why your dream has to suffer just because you can't give in much time or can't find what you're looking for? Don't worry, Magicbricks came to the rescue.


A couple of days ago, Magicbricks, which happens to be the number one real estate website in India, launched a revolutionary platform which can make your property search experience a piece of cake. Magicbricks launched India's first Property Experience Center in Mumbai, at the Magicbricks Western Express Highway Metro Station. This experience center uses a combination of technologies like; Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, On-Demand Video Call & Giant Touchscreen Displays etc. and using these, you can make property searching easy. This state of the art experience center aims to revolutionize real estate market & change the way people do the property search.

Magicbricks Property Experience Center

Magicbricks Property Experience Center is a beautiful platform which connects the online & the offline world and fills the gap which existed between buyer & seller. As mentioned above, this platform uses different technologies which allow buyer to perform wide range of tasks like browsing properties, comparing them with different properties, browsing locality, various financial calculators, immersive walkthroughs, touchscreen maps, on-demand video call with Magicbricks advisors, who will help you in finding the perfect property, according to your requirement. Let's take a look at the technologies used in the experience center by Magicbricks.

Virtual Reality


When you book a flat in an Under-construction building, the builder shows you a 2-dimensional layout plan of the flat & it's often difficult figuring out 'How the flat will look like when it gets built?' Well, using Virtual Reality, Magicbricks solved this difficulty. When you visit the experience center, you can opt for Virtual Reality & actually, walk into the flat, you are willing to buy (even if it's under-construction). Using Advanced VR headsets, you can jump into virtual reality & move around your dream home. This will help you make better decisions & will also help you find the perfect nest.

Augmented Reality

For people who want a clear idea of where their apartment is located in a society, where is the gate, ventilation spaces, windows, greenery etc. they can find solutions at Magicbricks Augmented Reality section. According to a survey conducted by Magicbricks, 60 percent of home buyers end up buying an apartment which does have adequate ventilation & source natural lighting. Augmented Reality helps you see the entire society by taking an aerial view. It will help you figure out where you flat is located in the society.

On-Demand Video Calling

If you're unable to decide or can't find what you are looking for, you can straight away head to On-Demand Video calling section, where you can connect with Magicbricks advisor, in a matter of seconds through video calling. You can straight away put down your requirements & Magicbricks executive will help you find the best properties, according to your requirement.

Touchscreen Display

Magicbricks Experience Center

When you enter Experience center, you'll see a lot of Huge Touchscreen displays everywhere, using which you can get access to Magicbricks database, where you can find different property listings, you can view map & locate your property etc. A lot of information about properties is available in these touchscreen displays.

Where is it located?

Magicbricks Experience center is located at Concourse 3 (Level 3) at Western Express Highway Metro Station in Andheri East, Mumbai. This metro station is said to receive around 300,000 commuters every day, so it's really easy to walk into the experience center when traveling through this station. According to Magicbricks, The location of the metro station is strategic as offices of leading corporates such as HUL, P&G as well as several corporate parks are in close proximity.

At the inauguration, Mr.Sudhir Pai, CEO, said;
"The  experience  center  is  a  coming  together  of  high-quality  hardware  and software that addresses  very  specific issues  in  the  consumer's  property journey.  We  imagine  that center  would enhance  the  home  buying  process  to a  different  level.  This  experience center celebrates our strengths in applying technology to solve real problems in a meaningful, scalable manner"
He further added that;
"We’ve  absolutely  delighted  by  the  early  feedback  we’ve received  from consumers,  and from  developers,  who  have  visited  our  Experience  Centre. This  is  a validation that combining Online, with a tech-driven offline presence would significantly enhance the value that we deliver. We aren’t happy with merely being India’s leading property portal, we want to be India’s most loved property portal as well"
Also, present at the inauguration was Mr.Niranjan Hiranandani, who talked about future of real estate in India & also inaugurated the experience center.


If you ask me, Magicbricks did a really great job & literally revolutionized real estate market in India. This Experience center is the resultant of great technologies & innovation which Magicbricks brought together & will definitely help buyers in choosing the best property. Another plus point is that it is located at a prime location which is Western Express Highway Metro Station in Andheri, Mumbai, and this is one of the many more Experience centers which will come along in some time.

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