FiiO X1 2nd Generation Portable High Resolution Music Player Announced in India

If you're someone who is really into high-quality audio players & equipment, then you must be familiar with FiiO and if you're not then let me tell you; FiiO is a portable High-Resolution Music player, similar to an iPod or any other portable music player. Manufactured by Chinese company FiiO Electronics Technology, this portable music player delivers High-resolution sound which will definitely blow your mind. To know more about FiiO music players, go to their website. Today we'll be talking about 2nd Generation FiiO X1, which is again a High-Resolution portable music player, announced in India recently. 

fiio x1

The next generation FiiO X1 brings comprehensive improvements in performance, ergonomics and design. To Start, it comes with a touch wheel, using which you can operate FiiO. It is very Light in weight and is made of aluminum alloy, the design is very compact with a natural arc contour for comfortable hand-holding. It has a 2" Inch LCD Display & comes with a new UI design with theme support.

fiio x1

It supports MicroSD cards up to 256GB, which is like a lot for a portable music player, and can handle your entire music library. FiiO X1 2nd Generation comes in three color variants; Silver, Rose Gold & Black.

New Features in FiiO X1

1)   All new Touch Wheel with higher sensitivity, better anti-interference, enhanced reliability and longer service life.

2)   Bluetooth 4.0 system based on F1C81 chipset. It allows you to easily enjoy the music with reduced latency and high sound quality. FiiO X1 2nd Generation supports both headphone output and line output, can be used as audio source to your amplifier.

3)   FiiO X1 Second Generation supports five common major lossless formats: APE/FLAC/WAV/WMA/ALAC at up to 192 kHz/32bit.

4)   Supports micro SD card up to 256GB. It can accommodate approximately 8,738 files of lossless music (assuming 30 MB per file). It comes with 2.0 inch color display with a resolution of 320*240, new UI with three built-in color themes.

5)   Utilizes Texas Instruments’ high quality CM5242, the all new X1 gets higher signal-to-noise ratio and supports full differential line output to achieve balanced line output function, as compared with PCM5142 of last generation. With dedicated LPF and operational amplifier, we have optimized design of power architecture and circuit at the same time to further improve sound quality of second generation X1/ the all new X1, makingbetter low-frequency quality and depth. 

fiio x1

FiiO X1 2nd Generation Portable Music Player is Priced at Rs.7,499 and is available at their online store


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