FiiO A5 Portable Amplifier Launched in India for Rs.8,999

If you are a regular reader here then you must have read my article on FiiO X1 2nd Generation portable music play, if you haven't, then go ahead and read it. For those who don't know what FiiO is, it is a Chinese company which makes High-resolution portable music players, which delivers mind-blowing sound & can house your entire music library. Today we'll be talking about another product, which is manufactured by FiiO and recently launched in India, it is FiiO A5 Portable Amplifier.


FiiO A5 is an improved version of E12 series. Every last detail of E12 series has been reworked and revamped to create a new portable amplifier, the result in A5, which not only keep E12 alive but also raises the bar higher.

Features of FiiO A5 Portable Amplifier

FiiO A5 portable amp uses the E12A’s highly effective MUSES02 + LME49600 opamp combination & all the major components of A5, utilize high-precision metal film resistors. These factors and improved design allow the A5 to achieve a total harmonic distortion (THD) rating of almost 0 percent and an improved signal-to-noise ratio of 115dB. These factors make the A5 superior to E12's with improved channel balance, lower noise floor, and overall a purer sound. 

The volume knob design is something new which you'll notice in the A5, Inspired by string instruments, fifty-six 45° lines are etched onto the knob’s surface. It has a laser-Inspired red ring which gives it a distinct look. This combined simpler design is not only easier to grip but is also geometrically beautiful and elegant.


Hardware & Internals

The A5 contains a highly efficient, low-resistance power management system, as well as dual +/-11V, supplied power, a significant increase over E12A's +/-7.4V supplied power. It gives the A5 considerable power reserve that is unheard of among portable amplifiers. Finally, a +/- symmetrical power supply allows for the elimination of coupling capacitors. This Reduces distortion and increases dynamic range.

All of these aspects mean that the A5 combines the best of both the E12 and the E12A. Beyond just getting output power near that of the E12 with 800mW at 32 Ω, you also get the E12A’s exquisite abilities in reproducing music. And with the low/high gain switch you can enjoy the A5 on all kinds of headphones, from the most sensitive IEMs to the most power-hungry headphones. 

Battery Life

FiiO A5 Portable Amp comes with an 880 mAh 3S battery, which consists of three cells in a series. The A5 has the capability to adjust the amount of current to the battery when charging, it can detect charging equipment & choose a safe & appropriate charging speed. It usually takes 2.5 hours to charge A5 fully, when using 5V/2A charger. Despite high power output of A5, it still manages to last for 13+ hours.

LED Indicators

The A5 portable Amp comes with LED lights which indicate charging status, depending on the amount of current being supplied, the LED lights will blink at an appropriate rate. A working status indicator that lets you immediately know whether the unit is on or off.   


New CNC Milled Headphone Connector

The A5 comes with CNC stainless steel headphone connector ring, This is the first time FiiO is using CNC stainless steel, replacing the previously used copper. There's a plastic ring is pressed into the gap between this connector ring and the body, ensuring it is seamlessly integrated with zero gaps. This makes the headphone connector sturdier due to the non-existent gaps and the use of harder stainless steel.  

Smooth Finish

The A5 Portable Amp sports a sandblasted finish, instead of brushed metal finish like previous FiiO amps. This finish ensures that the surface is not only more durable, but also allows the anodized paint that gives the A5 its unique look to last longer. By having the aluminum body subjected to this process, the A5 is both more robust and striking in appearance. 

Final Words

The A5 Portable Amplifier is available for purchase in India, it has been priced at Rs.8,999 and is available at FiiO online store, you can visit


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