Epson L655 All-In-One Ink Tank System Printer with Fax & Duplex Functionalities | Review

About three weeks ago, I reviewed Epson EH-TW5300 Home Cinema Projector, and I was so impressed with it, that I made a mental note of testing some other Epson products and review them here. So far Epson's quality products have made a good impression in my mind, but I was curious to know if this kind of quality runs through all their products line-up. One of the products (apart from the Projectors) which Epson is known for are All-In-One Printers, so I decided to test one of their All-In-One's for my next review. The product which we will be reviewing today is, Epson L655 All-In-One Ink Tank Printer, which comes with Fax & other functionalities like low-cost duplex & quality printing. So without further ado, let's begin.


Epson L655 : Features & Functionalities

If I have to define Epson L655 in brief, here is what I would say; It is a Four-In-One printer which comes with an integrated Ink tank for low-cost, fast, reliable, duplex printing etc. this sums all the capabilities of the printer, going further into detail, let's take a look at the features in detail.

1) Low-Cost Printing / Easy Refilling

Since Epson L655 comes with an integrated Ink Tank, it drastically cuts down the printing costs and eliminates the hassle of frequent refills. This integrated tank system eliminates the use of Cartridges and enables you to enjoy reliable color printing without worrying about the refilling. Not just that, this technology makes it easier for you to refill the tank without making any mess or spilling the ink, Epson Ink bottles comes with a drip-free nozzle design which easily refills the tank. Epson claims that initial set of bottles can print up to 11,000 pages, which is an impressive number.

2) Duplex Printing

What does Duplex Printing mean? Well, basically Duplex printing means printing on both sides of the paper, a printer equipped with this feature automatically flips over the page once printing is done on one side. This basically means that once one side has been printed, the printer will automatically flip the page over and print on the other side. This helps in saving paper & cuts down on paper costs, thus saving business resources. This also helps in protecting the environment. Duplex printing is a great feature and comes in handy, Epson L655 is one of those printers which comes with it.

3) All-In-One Functionality

Epson L655 Printer works as an All-In-One machine which can be used for printing, scanning, photocopying and even for sending a fax. This type of functionality makes it a savior in the office environment since it handles all your tasks. 

4) Various Connectivity Options

Epson L655 comes with various connectivity options like RJ45 port for connecting it to the office network, a USB port is present which helps you connect it to your personal computer, a telephone port is provided for sending & receiving fax and lastly, the Wi-Fi connectivity can be used for printing wirelessly from any part of your office/home etc. 

Personal Experience with Epson L655

I personally used Epson L655 for more than a week and today I'm going to share my experience with it. Below is my review on Epson L655, I'm sorry if I missed anything, I've tried my best to share my exact experience.

Design & Operation

Epson L655 looks really good and is not as heavy as it seems, it weighs around 7.5 kilograms and can be easily moved by one person. For the dimensions, here are the exact dimensions as mentioned on the product info, 515‎ x 360 x 241 mm. The box in which it comes is pretty big and contains Epson L655, Power cable, Software CD-ROM, USB cable, User Manuals, Warranty documents and two full sets of Ink (Bk - 140 ml & CMY - 70 ml). 


It has a 2.2" Inch Monochrome backlit LCD display which makes operating much easier, next to the display are physical controls & buttons which can be used for executing every possible function of the printer. Everything is pretty self-explanatory and easy to use, but at any point, if you feel lost, you can check out the user manual, it contains all the information you'll require ever. 

Epson L655 looks really great, it has a Tray on the top which is used for Fax, Scanning & photocopying (xerox), there is a separate tray for printouts, which can be extended out simply by pulling. Below the printout collection tray, there is a Removable A4 size tray which holds Blank A4 size papers for printing. This A4 size paper tray can hold up to 150 A4 size sheets or 20 photo sheets maximum, the output tray can hold up to 30 sheets. The Automatic document feeder can also hold up to 30 sheets maximum. 

Fax & Scanning

Coming to other functions such as Fax, it supports various fax functions like PC Fax, Auto Redial, Address Book, Delay Send, Broadcast Fax. Can hold up to 60 Fax speed dials, Black & White and Color fax support etc. The Fax storage memory of Epson L655 is 100 pages. The scanner works well and the quality is really great, it supports various scan output formats such as; BMP, JPEG, PDF, TIFF etc. with a scanning resolution of 1,200 DPI x 2,400 DPI.



During my review of Epson L655, I experimented with different print settings, paper types, switches between B&W and Color prints etc. the output was really satisfying each time. Epson’s Micro Piezo technology works wonders resulting in impressive printouts, the PrecisionCore Technology printhead creates smaller ink dots with precision without compromising print speed, resulting in high-resolution printouts. The print resolution according to the spec sheet of Epson L655 reads 4,800 x 1,200 DPI and exact print speed (as mentioned in specifications) is 33 Pages/min Monochrome (plain paper 75 g/m²), 20 Pages/min Colour (plain paper 75 g/m²), 69 Seconds per 10 x 15 cm photo (Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper). Coming to Duplex printing, I personally think that this is one of the best printers I've seen printing duplex so flawlessly and I believe this function will definitely save you a lot on paper costs.


There is a dedicated Top tray for functions like Fax, photocopying etc. This helps in photocopying multiple pages easily whether they're black & white or color. The photocopying quality is really impressive, as good as printouts and can be done simply with a push of a button.

Supported Paper Sizes

According to the specifications provided by Epson, L655 can hold the following paper sizes; A4, A5, A6, B5, C4 (Envelope), C6 (Envelope), DL (Envelope), No. 10 (Envelope), Letter, 9 x 13 cm, 10 x 15 cm, 16:9, Legal



I personally used Epson L655 for more than a week, experimented with different settings, functions, paper types, B&W, Color printing etc. and was impressed every time, I agree that this is my first time reviewing an Ink tank printer but it surely isn't my first time using a printer, I've used a lot of different printers & all-in-ones in fact, but Epson L655 is definitely the best one I've ever used, I was thoroughly satisfied with the output quality and there were no worries of it running out of ink, Epson L655 got us covered. I would definitely recommend this product for offices or home use, it is currently priced at Rs.24,999 in India (Buy now)

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