7 Best Editing & Proofreading Tools for Bloggers

The best way to lose credibility for bloggers is to have silly mistakes on your blog post. Mistakes that could've been easily identified or rectified before publishing the post. Bloggers who multitask with other jobs or taking care of their home, often find themselves without time to blog. In a bid to make up for the loss of time, blogs are posted in a hurry. This is usually not the best way forward since you still need to proofread and edit your blog. Given that these activities required your 100% focus, time and attention. You may not have enough of time to do it yourself. And so, here are;


Best Editing & Proofreading Tools for Bloggers.  

1. PolishMyWriting

This is a free web-based tool that is one of the best editing and proofreading tools for bloggers. Once you have written your post on a document, you need to just copy-paste that into the PolishMyWriting website. Hit the ‘check writing’ button and wait for a few seconds for the results to show up. This tool will help you identify spelling errors and grammar mistakes. And gives you suggestions for improvement. No downloads required.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly has almost everything you need to get your blog to be flawless. The free version has so many options. With the paid version, there is even more bells and whistles added to the web-based tool. Once you install the toolbar, any writing you do on the web can be automatically checked by Grammarly’s bots. So not just your blogs, but you can now proofread and edit your social media posts and emails as well.

3. Essay Dot

Although this is a paid paper writing service, they also feature editing and proofreading. You can place the order depending on the number of pages and the type of work you need. This service gives you a flat 20% if you are a first-time user. You’ve got online support and you can get in touch with them via phone as well. You can communicate with your writer to resolve queries or give instructions.

4. Slick Write

This is a free web-based tool meant for proofreading and editing for bloggers, marketers and even students. You can copy your content into their editor tab. Make sure to add small chunks of text at a time to get you quicker results. You will be indicated of grammar, style, and structural mistakes. You will find suggestions to improve the errors. These suggestions will help you improve your grammar. This tool also offers a free extension you can add to your browser, much like that of Grammarly.

5. Ginger

The free version of this tool may not have all the best features as the upgraded paid version. Even so, it still does do the job of helping you proofread your blog post. You can add the tool to your web browser for easy use and convenience. It will check your spelling and grammar. If you sign up for their newsletter, you can take advantage of their discounts. You can avail up to 60% discount from their back to school or holiday offers. You can buy their paid features to use sentence rephraser, translator, and definitions.

6. Paper Rater

Here is another free editing and proofreading tool for bloggers. This tool will check your content for obvious spelling and grammar errors. You will get suggestions to improve your erroneous sentences and phrases. Your title will also be analyzed and you will get suggestions to improve it as well. As the name suggests, your paper is rated on the basis of word choice, style, and sentence structure. You content will also be verified for plagiarism, and an indication if given to you if found any. No downloads required.

7. Spell Checker

There are two options here on this web-based tool. You can do a basic check or an advanced check. Once you paste your content on their website, your results pop in a new window. You can check spelling, grammar and there's also a thesaurus option. This is a good tab in case you wanted to spin articles or paraphrase existing content. You are given many options to correct your sentence and grammar errors. You can use the 30-day free trial option to check out their services.

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