12 Reasons Why eBooks Can be Better than Real Books

Ebooks or Real books, this might sound silly but believe me, it is a topic of a big debate in reading universe. There are people who prefer eBooks and others who happily go with real books, both have their advantages & disadvantages and I agree that reading an eBook is nothing like reading a paperback, but if you belong to the category of people who travel a lot but can't carry enough books to satisfy their inner soul, today or tomorrow you'll have to make the move, no matter how big paperback fan you are, you'll have to switch to eBook or have to buy a bigger suitcase. This article aims to uncover 12 benefits of eBooks or Reasons why eBooks can prove to be better that Real books, I know that real book feeling is the best in the world but guys, believe me, I travel a lot and carrying multiple books is a pain in ass. So without wasting your time lets begin.
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Why Choose EBooks Over Real Books?

1. EBooks Are Cheaper than Real Books

Since eBooks are available digitally, they are way cheaper than normal paperbacks. This means that if you switch to eBook, you'll be saving a lot of money which you would've spent on paperbacks. Many titles available in paperbacks cost more than their eBook version, so if you opt for an eBook version of your favorite book, you'll be saving big time while reading the same book. Isn't that amazing?

2. EBook Promotes Reading 

I've seen many people who are not much into reading or I must say non-readers when trying to pick up reading, often get scared looking at the size & number of pages of pictureless books. This demotivates them and forces them into thinking that they won't be able to finish the book in like ever, eBook helps big time in getting over this fear. Since via eBooks, the entire book is in your phone/tablet/eReader - you can't guess what's the size of the same book in physical state (the size of the device is what it will always remain) This helps in eliminating book size phobia, however, you can still see the number of pages but this won't affect as much as the physical size of a book. Thus eBooks promote reading in non-readers and even avid readers.

3. EBooks Can Be Carried Anywhere Easily

Your phone/tablet/eReader carries all your eBooks and since these devices are portable, you can actually carry your entire library wherever you go. An eReader can carry thousands of books (depending on storage) and you get access to online eBook stores where millions of titles are a click away. If you use your phone for eReading, you can still carry thousands of books with you all the time, there are plenty of eBook reading apps available which will fulfill the need for smartphone/tablet/computer, so go ahead and keep your books with you forever.

4. EBooks Can Sync Across Multiple Devices

Have you ever been in a situation where you were reading a book but left it at home and now you're at a perfect place where you wish you'd had your book? Well, I've been in that place like hundreds of times, not anymore. Since my switch to eBooks, I can actually overcome this situation and read whenever I want, wherever I want, even if I don't have that same device with me. How? here it is. Mostly all eReaders / eReading Apps sync in the background when you're connected to the internet, this helps you get back to where you were in a book across multiple devices. For example; say I was reading a book on my kindle at home, then I packed my bags and went on vacation but forgot my kindle at home, In this case, using my smartphone and Kindle app, I can access my book from anywhere and pick it up from where I left. 

5. EBooks Can Be Read In The Dark

Since you require some electronic device like smartphone, tablet, eReader, computer etc. for reading eBooks, and since these devices come with a display, you can read eBooks even in the dark, which you can't do with paperbacks. I agree that long exposure to a display in the dark will strain your eyes but still this gives an edge to the eBooks. However there are ways to reduce and or to completely eliminate eye straining; First one is buying an eBook reader with backlight (Kindle Paperwhite is one of the cheapest eBook readers with backlight) Now since eBook readers does not have a standard LCD display, they do not emit light, they come with e-Ink display which feels & reads like paper, the light 

6. EBooks Comes With Inbuilt Dictionary

E-Readers come with inbuilt Dictionary which can be used immediately if you come across a word of which you don't know the meaning. This is one of the best features of eBooks, you can immediately look up for a word, in other case, if you are reading a paperback, you'll need to keep a separate dictionary aside. Some eReaders / eBook apps come with inbuilt Wikipedia plugin which on one tap can open Wikipedia page for that particular word.

7. Features Like Highlighting

While reading an eBook, you can easily highlight any word or text and save it for future reference. In future whenever you want to refer to it, you can simply go to Highlighted texts section and see all of it there in one place. This feature comes handy when you are reading a self-help genre, you can highlight useful texts & sentences. This can also be done with paperback by using a highlighter, but the text will remain on the same page, however in eBooks you can access all of it at one place.

8. Thousands of Free EBooks Available Online

A lot of eBooks are available for free online & on major eBook stores like Kindle store, Kobo store etc. You can download thousands of titles from these stores for free and read them whenever you want (offline). This will ensure that you don't run out of books for reading, and will save money too.

9. EBooks Are Smaller & Lighter Than Paperbacks

Since eBooks stay in your phone, tablet, eReader, all you have to carry is your device, and all your books will follow. One device can carry more than a thousand books (depending on your storage) So this means that you don't need to carry any extra weight, all your books are inside your device, however in other scenerio, if you wish to carry paperback books with you, you won't be able to carry more than a few and that too will be heavier than Thousand eBooks.

10. EBooks Can Be Obtained Immediately

If you order paperback book online, it takes at least a few days to arrive at your doorstep and then only you can start reading it. Other way is walking to the book store and getting the book, but it requires physical movement. Ebooks can be obtained anywhere anytime, in the comfort of your couch, they can be downloaded instantly and you can start reading it the next second it gets downloaded.

11. EBooks Are Ecofriendly

Many trees are cut down in the process of making paper, that paper is used in making paperback books which we all read. When you go electronic, you save paper and trees as well. In short, eBooks are eco-friendly and helps in preserving trees. 

12. EBooks Takes Less Space 

Generally eBooks are small sized files in different formats like ePub, PDF, Doc etc. These files are usually small in size and thus takes less space in your EReader, Phone, Tablet etc. Which means that you can carry more books along with you and still sacrifice less space.


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