Samsung Galaxy Note 7 : Best Features which make it worth buying

The South Korean handset maker, Samsung has finally unleashed the beast from its stable upon the world and we could not be more in awe of it. Its newest big thing, Galaxy Note 7 is the epitome of beauty and performance, which has been designed to put every other handset to shame. Combining all the goods of Galaxy S7 and cutting-edge technology in a package, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has already received many accolades from fans and critics alike. Here is a showdown of all features of Galaxy Note 7 that separates it from run-of-the-mill phablets. 

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Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

1. Iris Scanner

Iris Scanner is the new way to unlock your handset

Back in the day, Samsung was considered to be a pioneer in Android industry when it came out with Galaxy S5. Not only the flagship was an example of brilliant craftsmanship but also quite ahead of the time with an in-built fingerprint scanner. Since then, the band has been dabbling in one or another groundbreaking technology. Galaxy Note 7 is an accumulation of all those and then some more. This is for the first time that a proper Iris scanner is making an appearance on an Android smartphone. All that the user has to do is wake up the handset and look at the sensor to unlock the handset. This is not only hugely convenient but also makes it much more secure than the traditional security measures.

2. Beautiful Design

Samsung has finally perfected its design

The South Korean handset maker has always been put on pedestal when it came to the design of the handset. However, since the launch of Galaxy S5, Samsung has come a long way in terms of design and build quality. For starters, the brand opted for metal Unibody and non-removable battery, which soon paved way to glass and metal design. The Galaxy Note 7 is the culmination of all that Samsung has incorporated in its design and it beats every other flagship hands down. Featuring a glass and metal unibody design, along with dual curved display, Galaxy Note 7 is a treat to eyes and delight to  hold in one's hand.


3. Curved Display

Second device after Note Edge to feature curved display

Samsung dabbled in the curved display for its Note series with the launch of the Galaxy Note Edge, which featured a curved display on the right edge of the handset. While, this handset was a dud, The Edge series of flagship lineup hit it home for the Samsung and it seems that the brand has now learnt its lesson. Galaxy Note 7 is the first handset since the launch of Galaxy Note Edge to come with a curved edge display and this time around the display is curved on both sides. It comes with the same set of features that are found on Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge as well as other Note specific features supporting the S-Pen. Never has been a Galaxy Note device this powerful and feature laden.

4. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

Galaxy Note 7 rides on the Snapdragon 820

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note series to offer the best of the industry performance to its loyal users and none of Galaxy Notes have failed their users. The leading brand has launched the latest Galaxy Note 7 with the latest Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890 for Asia. This SoC along with the massive 4 GB of RAM is the best that a device can come with now, barring OnePlus 3 that has 6 GB of RAM. This handset has managed to clock a respectable 1,30,000 on Antutu Benchmark, which speaks volumes about its performance.

5. 12 Megapixel Dual-Pixels Camera

12 Megapixels Dual-pixels snapper is borrowed from Galaxy S7

This time around, Samsung is taking a detour from its regular 16 Megapixels snapper that featured on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung launched Galaxy S7 and its Edge counterpart with a 12 Megapixels snapper. This same snapper has been carried on to the Galaxy Note 7 as well and has left many wondering. Samsung claims that the camera on these handsets are much better then the 16 Megapixels owing to the Dual Pixel camera module. What this does is take in double the amount of light then a normal camera, which results in better contrast and clarity to bring out details.

6. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Protection

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 makes an appearance

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with a glorious 5.7-inch display that flaunts a resolution of Quad HD, which results in an impressive pixel density of 518 ppi. To protect the display, Samsung has placed a layer of the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 glass on top of the display. This protective layer on the display adds some serious shatter-resistance to the device. However, not much can be said about the scratch-resistance of the display unfortunately.

Besides these, Samsung has also equipped Galaxy Note 7 with the latest USB Type-C USB port, which is a first for any Samsung handset. From the looks of the features and specifications of the device, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 price is at par and indeed is the next big thing by the brand and is expected to sell really well in the country and world over. 


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