Why Social Media Automation is Your Key to Success?

Social media and our interaction with them has become our daily routine. We use them whenever we want and usually have a lot of fun with them – but that does not apply to social marketers. Due to the fact that there are a lot of social media websites and they require a lot of time, they always find a way to automate this process. Now, we will see what the benefits of social media automation are and how it can help you achieve success.


Social media automation can save you time

Imagine that you have a new and exciting article about your product that will certainly make the users buy it. Now imagine sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, etc. It takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? Therefore, the first thing to having a successful life is to always have time for creative thinking and try to automate the boring part of it.

Increase your presence on the social media gradually

One thing that is very important for promotion on social media is to be consistently present, sharing new and interesting stuff. However, in order to do that, you must have a posting consistency which also requires you to be logged on to Facebook all the time and follow your timeline. However, once you automate the whole process, you will be able to make content and schedule it for sharing over several social media whenever you want. A websites like Buffer can help you with the whole sharing automation process.

Get in touch with your target audience

Do you have an Instagram account? If you do it must have happened to you that if you put a hashtag such as, for example #tshirt, a t-shirt selling profile would like your picture. In other words, there are tools such as Likestagram that will automate the liking process. This is all used for the sake of promoting the product but also to keep in touch with your users. Just beware; this kind of automation can sometimes go wrong if it is overused.

Promote your product efficiently by automating the whole process

If a digital marketer knows how to automate the whole process of social media presentation that can only mean one thing – the product will be sold better. The whole process of social media automation is, of course, to make the user click on a certain link and eventually buy the product. If you can achieve that, everything is possible. There is a great tool called IFTTT which can be used to automate almost everything on social media.

To sum up, every digital marketing campaign nowadays includes social media as the inevitable part of this complex process. Simply, social media has become so popular that serves as an extension to the website of a certain business through which people interact with it. Therefore, creating content, posting, sharing, commenting and liking are yet another ways to promote your product and to get new ideas on how to proceed further.

About Author: Tom Jager is an expert blogger situated in London. He currently works at Royal Essays. Tom stays always on trend in digital marketing, blogging and social media. You can reach him at Google+  or  Facebook.


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