How to Set-Up A Dream WordPress Blog In Three Steps

Blogging has become a new trend nowadays, many people have entered this field and started their own blogs, there are many platforms which help you in setting up a blog easily like Blogger,, Tumblr etc. These platforms are good for starters but if you want full control over your blog and freedom to express yourself, you should self-host your blog and use WordPress software to set-up a professional looking dream blog with full control over it. Please note that & are two different things.


Many people often get confused between &, both are different things. is a free blogging platform which helps you in starting a free blog with their sub-domain, whereas is a software for Self-Hosted blogs. In this article we are talking about the Self Hosted WordPress, today I'll tell you how you can set-up a dream blog using WordPress in three steps. Let's get going.

1. Getting a Domain

The first step of starting a blog or in your case 'a dream blog' is the name of the blog. The name is very important because it is the identity of your blog, your blog will be known by its name, so you should put a good time in thinking a perfect name which goes with the niche of your blog; for example, if your blog is about Travel, then the name should be related to travelling, this helps people engage better. Also, keep in mind that the name should be easy to remember, original, unique and creative. If you're having trouble finding a perfect name, don't worry, you can use one of these Creative Blog Name generators and generate a perfect sounding name. 

Once you have your Perfect name, go ahead and look if a domain name is available (Note: It's not necessary that your perfect domain name will be available, so always make a list of names and see which one is available). Once you have booked your domain, step 1 is completed, you can move on to next step.

2. Hosting Your Blog

Now that you own your perfect domain, the next step is getting a Hosting plan where you can install WordPress and start your blog. As I mentioned earlier, & are two different things, here we are talking about and for that we need a Hosting plan. A Hosting is a server space which one requires to set-up their blog, we recommend BlueHost hosting because it is reliable, trustworthy, delivers 99.9% uptime with 24x7 support. Setting up a blog with BlueHost is very simple, it just takes a few clicks for installing WordPress with BlueHost.

All you need to do is buy a Hosting plan and link it to your newly purchased domain, the steps are self-explanatory, just go to your Hosting provider website and book a plan, then follow the steps. Mid-way it will ask if you need a domain name or you already have it, click on the second option and enter your domain name which you purchase earlier. Follow the instructions & billing procedure and you'll get your hosting space in no time.

Next, you need to log in to your cPanel.

3. Installing WordPress

Now that you've successfully completed the above-mentioned steps, next you need to log in to your cPanel. The instructions for accessing cPanel will be sent to your email by your hosting provider. cPanel is a Linux based control panel which helps you host your website / blog on your hosting space. Once you've logged in to your cPanel, follow the steps given below for installing WordPress software on your hosting.

Step 1: From your cPanel, scroll down until you see 'Software Installer' section. There you'll find different icons for installing different software. Choose 'WordPress' by clicking the icon.


Step 2: Next step is to fill some details which are required to complete the installation. Everything is pretty self-explanatory. You need to enter the name of your blog, choose a password and create an admin email address.

Step 3: Once all the details are filled in, hit the Install button and you're good to go. Rest of the process will be done automatically. Once the installation is done, you'll get your WordPress login screen where you can enter your username & password to log into your admin panel.

From here you can set-up your blog. Now that you've successfully installed WordPress software on your hosting, your blog is ready to start its journey. Choose a decent theme, there are plenty of Free themes available in WordPress database, you can also purchase premium themes and install it using the admin panel.

Your Dream Blog is Live Now! Go ahead and start writing your first blog post.


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