5 Ways to Manage Your Blog with Your Active Career

After a long time, I am back with another Blogging related article and this time I'm targeting those people who are passionate bloggers but for some reason or the other are not able to concentrate on their blogs. Most of the time the reason being their active job or career. There are bloggers who don't want to give up blogging or their job but can't concentrate on both, resulting in poor performance in blogging or their job or both. 
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The idea behind this article is to try to help those people by listing some tips or more specifically ways to manage their blog and content with their active career or job. Below you will find ways using which you can generate content to keep you blog updated. The frequency of the content depends on you but at least it will keep you blog active, like that old saying 'Something is better than nothing' - so using these ways I'm sure you'll be getting something.

5 Ways to Manage your Blog with Your Active Job

A friend of mine, who was a passionate blogger in the past and hopefully still, is having difficulties managing his blog because he got employed now.  Because of his working hours and daily traveling his blog is lagging behind. On weekends he is so busy spending time with his close ones that he can't spare enough time for his blogging. I hope this article proves to be helpful for him and others who find themselves in the same situation. Without further ado, let's start.

For a blog to remain active, it is very important that you keep updating it with new content. Now the question is from where you can get content? The best answer will be creating content yourself based on your experience or knowledge, but that needs time and since you don't have any, below are some ways to create / acquire content without spending a lot of time.

1. Hire Content Writers

Hire Content writers, this is the first thing anyone would say to you if you ask them that you don't have time to create content. This does seem like a genuine step to take in such situation but requires investment. Obviously, content writers won't come for free, you'll have to pay them in order to get content. This method is good for those who don't have any problem with paying to content writers, anyways there are many freelance writers who will do the job for less, so go ahead and hire writers for your blog.

Please ensure that the writer you are going to hire is experienced & knowledgeable. He should know the language & grammar. Don't hesitate in asking for sample articles written by the writer and do ask for discounts.

For a blogger who for some reason, don't want to invest on their blog. Below are some free ways of getting content.

2. Write Short Articles

You guys are writers too, aren't you? So what if you don't have time, I'm sure you can still spare a little time on weekends for blogging. Try writing short articles, no need to write long essays, keep it short and sweet. This way you will save money, keep your blog active & up-to-date and also enjoy your passion. Just keep a topic in your head and express it through your words, keep it to the point while keeping it interesting. Remember 'something is better than nothing'.

3. Allow Guest Authors 

Another great way of getting good quality content for a blogger is through guest authors. There are many writers on the web who are willing to publish their articles on active blogs like yours. So go ahead and create a Guest Author / Writer page on your blog to let your readers know that you accept guest posts. You can set your terms & rules for the publishing process and if anyone is interested, he can approach you and send his content to you. Normally blogs who accept guest post credit the original author and give a backlink in exchange, you can do the same.

By the way, we also accept guest posts on this blog, you can go ahead and check this page if you are interested.

4. Publish Press Releases

Active bloggers get many emails, press releases in their email inbox. Most of the time the PR agencies associated with the companies or brands, send press releases, news, emails etc. approach bloggers in order to promote their clients. Such releases contain information on new product, services launch, and other details. If you are one of those bloggers who receive such information, you can go ahead and publish that information in your own words on your blog. This way you will build a good professional relationship with the PR agencies / brands and will also get trending content.

5. Get Co-Authors On Board!

If everything listed above fails, here is a last powerful arrow in your quiver. Get Co-Authors on board. If you don't want to spend money hiring writers, you don't have time writing yourself, there is no response from the guest writers and your inbox is filled with spam then here is the last thing which you can try. Look for people who are interested in writing or are passionate in the same niche as your blogs. Convince them to come on board (now how you convince them is up to you, no tips from my side except for one, you can tell them that they will be noticed by an audience and get popular) and if they say yes, you can ask them to write for your blog.

So these were some interesting ways to get content while you're busy with your job or anything else. I hope this article prove to be helpful for you, please let me know what you feel in the comment section below and do share this article with those who need it. See you next time.


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