6 Must Have Apps to Manage Your Business Better

Running a business enterprise requires dedication, commitment, and hard work.  These activities range from keeping track of the employees’ schedules of work, monitoring expenses and handling the complaints of various customers. If you want to either make your life as an entrepreneur easier or to improve overall productivity, a good app is just what you need. 
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To enable you to navigate the endless sea of apps available, this article compiles the best six. This will help you to remain focused and organised in your activities. They include: 

1. Addappt 

This is a communication app that allows the business associates, friends, and family to update their contact details in their firm's address book. According to the developers, the product allows the social network to maintain itself. For instance, if the distributor who uses addappt changes or gets a new cell phone number, he can make that update in the firms contact book. It also allows you to organise the contacts into different groups. Sending messages via this app is absolutely free for the Android and iOS users.

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2. Expensify 

It is used to track expenses while in a business trip. Managing travel proves difficult even with cost factor being factored out. This app involves the creation of a link between the Expensify account with the debit and credit cards. It will also track the mileage in case you are driving, and this ensures that all charges made are directly placed on the expense report. Alternatively, you can just take photos of the expenditure receipts with your phone, then Expensify will automatically get all the relevant information from those receipts. After this, you can then make the expense report; this will take few minutes. Expensify works in almost all smartphones and on desktops. 

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3. Evernote 

It is designed to help the entrepreneur, manager to remember everything. It allows the user to share, store and organise photos, texts and voice notes. With its help, the entrepreneurs can keep a track of all their brilliant ideas and success procedures. All new information learned in seminars and workshop is safely stored. Once the management is ready to implement the new methods learned, they will only need to retrieve the data. This ensures business survival and guarantees success. 

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4. Im2calories

According to Fuse crunch technology, Im2calories is being developed to analyse photographs in order to show the calories that a particular food has. This is an important app for the businesses that specialise in preparing food. Photos that are uploaded on Instagram are the main source of data here. Every day, people post different pictures of the meals that they take on Instagram. The app then uses an algorithm to determine the calories present. The app is mostly dedicated to helping clients reduce obesity levels and the management to ensure that they sell the right food with correct calories content. This application has not been fully implemented as it is in its advanced stages with high prospects of success. 

5. Google Drive 

This driver app has been modified to support document editing from the desktop or laptop to a tablet and finally to a smartphone. It is fully office featured suite that also acts as a cloud drive software allowing you to save any file on a web interface or via the virtual drive. Google apps have been proven to be the best for small business management as Google moves towards restoration of success in its cloud storage arena. As a user, you will have 5GB space of storing your data for free. 

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6. Mint

This is one of the best-rated apps by Glozine world news. It assists the business manager, entrepreneur and business owner to best manage cash. It assembles all the relevant financial data from different sources and places it in one place. This assists the management team to explain better and understand the financial worth of the firm. It also tracks the purchases that you make online and makes appealing graphics for you. It has the capability to know where each purchase category lies; this will help the business to budget appropriately. For instance, if the firm wants to purchase another venture in the future, it will guide you on the amount required and assist you to reach to it. It also enables users to create specific dates and deadlines for making credit card payment. Throughout the process, it will give you pointers to make the process smooth. 


As apps become more and more powerful and prevalent; business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs are relying on them to guarantee growth and to facilitate smooth running. If the best app is used and organised well, management of the firm will be very easy. The management should strive to acquire the best so that it gains a competitive advantage. 

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