How to Plan a Perfect Trip to London

Travelling is one of my favorite pass times and also a part of my job. Being a navigation officer in Merchant Navy means continuous voyages across continents and ending up in new countries every week but that's not the kind of travel I'll be talking about today. For me, traveling is like meditation & peace of mind and your mind is only at peace when you're not thinking about work. 
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London has always been an ideal vacation destination for me and will always be one of my favorite international destinations. Today I'll be telling you How you can plan a perfect trip to London with important points like places to visit, where to do shopping and stuff like that. So without further ado, let's pack and go.

Booking Tickets / Hotels

The first step for every travel plan is bookings. There are several things you need to book before you step out of your house. First thing is booking flight tickets and hotels, the best way to do that is online. Being a Tech Enthusiast, my first preference is online booking of flights and hotels. There are a lot of Mumbai to London Flights which take off from Mumbai every day, so getting a flight won't be difficult. Same goes for Hotels, you can book them online prior to your visit. The Hotels and Airlines to choose to depend on your travel budget, I prefer traveling with British Airways  because of their hospitality and facilities.

Once bookings are done, pack your bags and take off!

Places to Visit When in London

London is a place where even if you stay for few months, you won't get done with tourist places and awesome sights but just for the sake of this article, I've created a list of top places to see when in London. 

The Iconic London Tower Bridge is a place you must visit when in London. The bridge crosses Thames river and is a combination of suspension and bascule bridge.

During your visit to London, if you haven't visited the Iconic Big Ben & Buckingham Palace, your visit is incomplete. 

Another Iconic structure in London, this giant Ferris wheel named London eye has become an important part of London's skyline. It is 135 m tall and has a diameter of 120 meters.

If you're into Museums then this place will blow your mind. The Natural History Museum of London contains life and earth specimens comprising 80 million items within botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology.

This Museum is different from other museums, it contains life-like wax statues of famous celebrities and public figures from all over the world, including Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities. 

Being a SeaFarer myself, I'm very much attached to Maritime History, this museum is the largest museum of its kind in the world. 

The cathedral is one of the most famous and most recognizable sights of London. 

Shopping Time in London

It is impossible to go to London and return back without shopping. Below are some of the best shopping spots in London where you can spend all your hard earned cash in a matter of minutes.

Oxford street is known as Europes's Busiest Shopping Street, this is the first place you should visit when shopping in London. With more than 300 shops, Oxford street is shopping capital of London with legendary stores like Selfridges, John Lewis, HMV etc. Despite other shopping streets nearby, Oxford Street maintains the crown as the best shopping place in London.

Nearest Tube Station : Oxford Circus

For all those people who love buying designer clothes and accessories, Bond street is like the luxury shopping hub of London. Favourite among celebrities, you might spot some celebrities when shopping there. Some of the big stores in Bond Street are Louis Vuitton, Burberry etc. This makes Bond Street London's most exclusive shopping hub.

Nearest Tube Station : Bond Street

Home to London's best Shopping malls, Westfield is one of the busiest shopping sites in the city. The Westfield Stratford City is one of the busiest shopping centers in a whole of London. With stores like Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Ted Baker, Marks & Spencer, Next etc. A place you must visit when in London.

Nearest Tube Station : White City / Stratford

This street is close to Oxford circus and features 150+ brands and 70+ restaurants and bars. This street contains designer brands, boutiques, heritage stores etc. It is a fashion hub and home to numerous restaurants and eateries.

Nearest Tube Station : Oxford Circus

This is a posh shopping center of London, the road is home to many designer shops, boutiques, roadside cafes and other shopping sites. 

Nearest Tube Station : Sloane Square

Final Words

So this was my itinerary for a perfect trip to London. It contained traveling, sightseeing, and shopping, which according to me are an important part of a perfect trip. I hope you'll keep these places in mind when you travel to London, there are many more places to see in London, I can't name them all in one post but the ones listed above are a must visit when in London.


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