How to Change Google Chrome Address Bar Color for Your Website

As you might be knowing or must have seen that Google now supports custom colours of Address bar and toolbar in Chrome app on Android phones, Google started supporting custom colours in version 39 of Chrome app and since then webmasters can add a simple meta tag in their website code to enable this for their website or blog. This is a simple tutorial on how to do that, In this tutorial I'll be showing how to add a custom address bar and toolbar colour for your website.


Change Chrome Address Bar Color for Your Website

So it's very simple, just follow the steps given below. All you need to do is Add a meta tag in section of your website / blog. Using Hex code, you can change Address bar colour to any colour of your choice, you can also use colours from your website colour scheme, so that the address bar blends in your site design.
<meta name="theme-color" content="#000000"/>
All you need to do is change the Hex code #000000 to the Hex colour code of your choice. Add the syntax in your website code and Tada! The color of address bar in Chrome (Android) for your website will change to the color of your choice. No more default grey address bar and toolbars. This will work with all websites and blogs.

Before & After : You can see how the Address bar colour changed.

For Blogger Users

As I said before, the above mentioned method is for all webmasters and bloggers. All you need to do is put a meta tag in your website / blog's head section, but if you are an amature or does not know how to do it then here is a step by step guide for blogger users.

Step 1: From Blogger Dashboard, Go to Template > Edit HTML
Step 2: By pressing CTRL + F at once search for tag
Step 3: Copy the below code and paste it under the tag. Exactly under the tag. 
Step 4: Now change the hex code #000000 to the colour code of your choice.
Step 5: Save Template. Wasn't it simple? 

I hope this quick tutorial was helpful, if it was then don't forget to share it with other bloggers and webmasters. Also do leave a comment below if you liked my tutorial.

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