Anker Power House : Portable 120600 mAh Capacity Power Bank

You are probably familiar with power banks being indicated by their power in terms of mAh. But how it could have been if it is so much huge capacity, that mAh (a.k.a. Milli Ampere hour) is replaced by Watt-Hour? So exactly the same happened with the new launch of Anker Power House 400 Wh.  It is equivalent mAh is claimed to be 120600 mAh which is precisely more than six times than the hugest power bank we knew till now, that is Xiaomi Mi 20000 mAh portable charger.


Devices Which Can be Charged using this.

To add more surprise, this power monster has the ability to charge up almost everything that you can imagine including smartphones, tablet, portable lamps, LCD Tv, mini fridge and many more household appliances. Further, detailing this review of power bank, you would find the provision of 4 super fast 2.4 A USB output ports, one 12V car charger port and an 110V typical AC plugin option. This power monster can be charged with the 16.8V power input port which comes along with its decent display unit intimating you how much charge is left in it and the time before it would get drained off completely so that you can charge it up timely. 

How much time does it take to charge 100%?

From Anker’s standpoint, this powerhouse is claimed to be charged at a time frame of 10 hours with the charger kit that comes with it and has the ability then111 to power up a standard smartphone over 40 times, a laptop 15 times and a light lamp with 15V current drawing capability 20 times. Again Anker has the plan to come in near with the solar panel charging feature which would be able to charge it within 16 hours just with sunlights. 

Size and Portability 

Now with a power bank having more similarity with an inverter than normal pocket-shovable battery packs, you can not expect that to be easily portable which can be carried in a pocket or in your backpack. But this huge one allegedly is the most compact power lifeline in its range, having a dimension of 7.9 * 6.5 * 5.7 inches. Also, Anker claims this 4.2 Kg (9.3 lbs) portable charger is the lightest among all the similar power options available in the market right now.


Though Anker is famous for its mini-sized Li-Poly based best portable power banks, this elegant aluminium finished off grid power bomb is supported by a total 36 similar high energy density 3350 mAh Li-ion cells coupled with standard over-heat and internal surge protection feature saving this from turning out as a heat producing house.

Final Words

Though such a huge capacity power bank may not be needed by everyone for normal smartphone charging, but for outdoor camping, trekking, hiking or those who has to visit remote places frequently or lives in an area which is hit often by power cuts, this real mega powerhouse is worth considering at least for having a price tag of  $499 at Amazon, giving $100 discount to its original price of $599 for a limited period time.

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