Retina Recognition For Cattle Identification

Company called 'Bomatiques Identification Solutions ' launched "retina recognition technology" for cattle identification in Tirupati Friday. It is the first Indian company to do so.

credits: nbcnews

The e-governance conclave was organised by the government of Andhra Pradesh along the lines of the Digital India initiative of the Central government. This platform served as an exchange of ideas for IT secretaries from various states as well as leaders of industry. Some of the key themes were ePragati, Mee Seva, Bharat Net, Start-Ups for e-governance and ICT (Information & Communication Technology) for smart cities.

Biomatiques also said that the concept of animal identification is not new, however this revolutionary technology is a step forward in cattle identification. “RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) ear tags, ear marking, neck tagging with transponders, branding, paint and tattoos, using hot iron or freezing methods, are some of the methods used globally which pose serious health hazards to the animals everywhere, something which does not occur in retina scanning. 

There are so far only 12 other companies in the international market whichoffer iris recognition as method for biometric identification. On similar grounds, Biomatiques has now come up with “Cattle UID” - retina biometric technology for identifying cattle. With this every cattle can be given a unique ID which will qualify them for insurance which will be a complete relief for dairy farmers, government and insurance companies alike.

Biomatiques has managed to supply 33,310 iris scanning devices so far to Andhra Pradesh Govt. which will be used in various sectors like education, pension and ration distribution, a number  which no other company has managed to achieve so far in India. Andhra Pradesh as a state is putting to effect the application of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to government functioning very rapidly in order to create smart governance. It is one of the leading states in terms of e-Governance.

Voice, fingerprints, face, gait and palm recognition are some of the methods which are slowly becoming obsolete. Iris patterns are far more random and unique. An algorithm is created to map the random pattern and then generate a unique biometric template for human identification which is unique for every individual. Apart from the technology, even on the price front, Biomatiques has managed to bring the cost down and is at par with the makers of fingerprint technology.

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