5 Sure-Fire Tips to boost your iPhone’s Battery Life

Apple iPhone has always known to be one of the best phones in the market that offer amazing user-experience and longer battery life. Indeed, iPhone offers much better battery back-up than most other brands available in the market today but even iPhone is not invincible. A lot of people tend to face the issues of their phone running out of juice by the end of the day. You can avoid such hassle by following the below mentioned tips to increase the battery life of your iPhone:

Switch to airplane mode when you are not using your phone

This is one of the simplest ways to keep your iPhone running for a longer time. Not many people know the fact that the biggest culprit for battery drain is weak network. If you are in an area where your phone is constantly searching for the network, it is better that you put your phone on the airplane mode to save your battery. Also, if you are busy and want to keep away from your phone, it is best advised to switch to airplane to save your battery. Another effective way to save your iPhone battery is to use Wi-Fi internet connection as far as possible instead of using your mobile data. Among the recently released new iPhone models, iPhone 6 seems to have the best battery life. Also, if you check the Apple iPhone price list, it is comparatively cheaper than iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus.

Close the background apps

It is natural that you would be using different apps on your iPhone through the day but you would be surprised to know that a lot of these apps keep running in the background even when you have closed it. These apps consume a lot of battery and are one of the main reasons why your iPhone runs out of juice. To avoid this unnecessary power usage, it is best advised to double click your home key and close all the apps that you don’t want to use by swiping it upwards. Do this regularly and you would be surprised to see how much battery it saves.

Keep your background simple

It is natural to be amazed by the various dynamic or moving background themes and images. But, keeping these images as your phone background can suck up a lot of battery life. So it is best advised to choose a normal, simple picture for your home and lock screen.

Turn off the GPS and location tracking

A lot of people tend to keep their GPS and location tracking on even when not required. These people don’t realize that keeping the GPS on for the whole day consumes a lot of power. So unless, you are using an app that requires keeping your location tracking on, make sure that you keep the GPS off to increase your iPhone’s battery life.

Handle your phone properly

A lot of people tend to leave their phone lying at a place where the phone is exposed to direct sunlight or leave their phone at a place where there is lot of heat. Make sure that you avoid such mishandling and always keep your phone away from direct sunlight or any other heat source as it would affect your battery life.
Follow these simple tips and enjoy longer battery life! 


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