Why Should Your Business be on Instagram?

When you are a business owner, the more you market directly relates to the more you sell. In today's world online market is such a potent tool that it can take your business from Scratch to the Zenith of your market. Reaching out to people online is the cheapest and the indeed the best way of marketing your product. According to a survey, there are more than 1 billion internet users, active. Imagine how a big number of people there would be, that you could convert into customers. in lakhs, and millions, right?


So today we will be talking one really good method of reaching out to people with your product and pitching sales, and marketing the product for your dream audience. As we talked above, about the enormous traffic and the number of people you could reach over the internet, one could easily mislead himself. Let us just sum it by, as the Social media Guru, Gary Vaynerchuck says, It is not about the Width, It is about the Depth. Which simply means that reaching a mass number of audience is not the key, but converting like crazy is. Leveraging and converting the target audience into customers, is the thing that you are required to do. And today we will be talking about one such way to do so, that is using the photo social media platform, Instagram.

What is Instagram and Why Instagram:

Now since we have talked about the importance of using Instagram to grow your business, let us get into the method, on how you can reach out to your audience, and develop a fan base for your product.

Post Regularly:

It is not just about begin present on the social media platform, it about begins actively there. Share photos daily, the best optimization is sharing stuff from 2-3 times a day. And don't just go out there and spam about your product, this is not the way it is going to work. If you post 3 pictures a day, 2 of them should be the type of pictures that your users would love to see, like and share. It could be quotes, funny memes, inspirations videos, etc. The stuff that doesn't shove down your product down your audience's throat. You need to make them keen to see your posts, and when you see that people are beginning to like your posts, following you, it is the time that you introduce your product. So remember, you need to grab their attention with the value you provide to them, after entertaining them and then show your product. For example, if you are a local Ice Cream Shop, don't just go out there and start posting pictures of your Ice Creams, and dishes. But first, share stuff that most people would like to see, funny pictures, funny quotes, and when you see that people are liking and paying attention to you, then start pitching out your Ice Cream Pictures. Now after that too, do not stop to entertain your audience, if you fail to do so, they will lose interest, and that is where the train goes off the rail.


The best part about Instagram is the Hashtags. Hashtags, are a life savior when you are new to Instagram, post hashtags, utilize the full hashtag count that Instagram allows you in the initial days. Though don't be a hashtag spammer, just use those tags which go well off with your pictures. Share good stuff, and provide you with good hashtags. This strategy will allow you to reach more audience and gather more eyes watching your posts.

Comment and Follow:

Keep interacting with your followers, and reply to the comments and even follow them to guilt them into buying your product. The key is to provide so much of value to your audience that they end up buying your product. Follow people, and then interact with them as much as possible. Not only reply regularly to the comments of your users on your shares, but also leave genuine comments on your user's pictures. Remember you don't have to spam it, just good decent 5 comments a day would be great. Now, this would allow you to reach out to more and more eyeballs, and hence increasing your audience reach.

So this was a short post, about how you could use Instagram to increase your online presence, increasing your audience and even converting them into your customers. Just by following these simple steps, in the long run, they could add up to something really big. I hope this post, helped you out.

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