5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Renault Lodgy in India

I was a big fan of Renault's compact SUV, Duster, even though it had a seating capacity of 5 people, Renault Duster was really something I was looking forward to. Some people did complain about Duster not being a seven-seater, Well, looking at the size of an average Indian joint-family, fiver-seater was not enough. To fulfill the demand, Renault introduced 'Lodgy' - a compact car in MPV segment. Recently I got a call from Blogadda team, they invited me to experience Renault Lodgy with 39 other bloggers from all over the country, in Goa. I happily agreed, who say's no to Goa? So I got to experience Renault Lodgy, we took it out for a road trip, which was 80 KMs in all, with 9 other Renault Lodgy's, occupied by other bloggers, Read my Renault Lodgy Goa Road Trip Experience here. 

After experiencing Renault Lodgy in Goa, I came up with these 5 reasons, Why I think Renault Lodgy is a perfect contender for the MPV crown in India. Read the reasons below.

1. Trusted Brand

Renault, the french automobile giant was founded on 25th February 1899 in France. It is a 116 year old company and today serves in more than 118 countries worldwide. In 2011, Renault launched it's first car 'Fluence' in Indian market and currently they offer six models in India and they are; premium sedans Fluence and Scala, luxury SUV Koleos, SUV Duster, premium compact car Pulse and now MPV Lodgy. In a period of less than three years since they launched their first car in India, Renault sold over 100,000 cars in India, which is a great milestone, ergo Renault is a trusted brand. So when you buy Renault Lodgy, you get quality & assurance of the most trusted European car manufacturer in India.

2. Plenty of Leg Space 

Renault Lodgy has plenty of leg space, no matter in which row you are seated. The second row has enough leg space to fit a person like me, and trust me, I'm 5'11" and I was literally lying in the second row (seats reclined to max) during the ride. The third row's leg space is not as much as second row, but still you can sit quite comfortably back there. 

3. Proper Seven-Seater Car

Many people complained about Duster not being a seven-seater car, not to worry anymore, here's Renault Lodgy, a proper seven-seater car for a proper Indian joint family. Renault Lodgy is very spacious when it comes to seating, it has a big boot area, where you can keep your stuff, the area is big enough, even when the seats are intact. This makes Lodgy perfect for family holidays and picnics.

4. High-Tech Features

Renault Lodgy is equipped with rear-view cameras and rear-parking sensor, which makes parking in congested areas, easy. There are charging points in all the rows, so you never run out of battery when on the road. The car has a fuel tank capacity of 50 liters and fuel effiency of 19.98 kmpl. The 85 PS model comes with five-speed gear box, while the other variant comes with six-speed gear box. Renault Lodgy is very comfortable when driving, it picks up smoothly and doesn't feel bulky when driving, it's so smooth that you feel like driving a sedan, instead of MPV.

5. Competitive price

Renault Lodgy is priced very competitively, it starts from 8.19 Lakh and goes up to 11.79 Lakhs, ex-showroom price. This price is very reasonable for the MPV segmant and looking at other MPV's in the market, Lodgy gives tough competition to them. 

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by BlogAdda.com in association with Renault India.

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